Randow, Heinz Friedrich von.

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Randow, Heinz Friedrich von, born 15-11-1890 in Grammow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, became an ensign 1910, then attended the military academy and became Leutnant on 20-11-1911, five days after his 21st birthday. He was then in the 2nd Mecklenburgian Dragoon Regiment No. 18  in Parchim.

With the Parchim dragoons he fought during the First World War first in France, later for many years on the Eastern Front, mostly near Dunaburg, then in Riga. In January 1917 he was promoted to 1st lLeutnant. After the war he first became a riding teacher at the army riding school in Hanover. 1922 he was engaged at the Cavalry Regiment No. 14 and advanced to Cavalry Captain in 1924. As from 1925 he was Adjutant at the regiment staff and from 1926 to 1929 chief of the 2nd squadron.

On 24-05-1933, Randow married the then 32-year-old Elisabeth von Trotha, daughter of the former army Major Wilhelm von Trotha and his wife Irmgard Baroness von Cornberg

   The wedding was at Wilhelm von Trotha’s estate in Lower Lusatia, Kümmritz. Randow had three children.

Purposefully Randow pursued his career as a soldier in the German army. In 1936 he was promoted to Oberstleutnant and commander of the 2nd Section of his regiment at the town of Parchim; 1938 he became commander of the Cavalry Regiment No.13 in Luneburg. The same year he was promoted Oberst..

Randow took part in the invasion of Poland in 1939 as commander of the Cavalry Regiment No. 13.  On 26-10-1939, he took over as commander of the Infantry Regiment No. 26 and participated in the campaign in France. In 1941 he took part in the Operation Barbarossa as commander of the 2nd Cavalry Brigade within the 1st Cavalry Division.  under command of Generaloberst Thomas Ludwig Werner Freiherr von Fritsch Von Randov was awarded the “German Cross in Gold”.  After the dissolution of the brigade in April 1942, he became the commander of the 17th Schützenbrigade of the 17th Panzerdivision.  under command of Generalleutnant Rudolf-Eduard Licht In April 1942 Randow was promoted to Generalmajor In September 1942 he took over the command of the 21st Panzer Division  of the German Africa Corps  from Oberst Karl-Hans Lungershausen ,where he stayed until his death. Later Generalleutnant Lungershausen survived the war and died on 27-12-1975 in Darmstadt..

Death and burial ground of Randow, Heinz Friedrich von.


On 21-12-1942, south of the Syrtis in Libya, he hit a land míne and died. He was buried on the German war cemetery in Torbruk. Tobruk German War Cemetery is built in the shape of a fortress . It contains 6,026 German burials from the Second World War. After his death von Randow was promoted to Generalleutnant.




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