Bad Girls of Nazi Germany; Wanda Klaff.


Wanda Klaff (born Kalacinski)   hitler's-bad-girls-wanda-klaff-nazi-germany-01 artfichier_732018_3857550_2014062151112 was of German origin but had been born in Danzig on the 6th of March 1922. When she left school in 1938 she initially worked in a jam factory, leaving in 1942 to get married to one Willy Gapes and becoming a housewife. In 1944 Wanda joined the staff at Stutthof satellite camp at Praust,  moving later to Russoschin sub-camp. She contracted typhoid and was hospitalised in Danzig where she was arrested on the June the 11th, 1945. It would appear from the photos that Wanda, unlike the other four, was hanged by a woman, rather than a male former camp inmate Klaff-hangwoman-600x457

Klaff was born in Danzig to German parents as Wanda Kalacinski. She finished school in 1938 and began working in a jam factory. This lasted until 1942 when she married Willy Gapes and became a housewife.

In 1944 Klaff joined the camp staff at the Stutthof’s subcamp at Praust (Pruszcz). There, she abused many of the prisoners. On October 5, 1944, she arrived at the Russoschin subcamp of Stutthof (today northern Poland). There she continued to sadistically abuse prisoners.

She fled the camp in early 1945. On June 11, 1945, she was arrested by Polish officials and soon after was laid up in prison with typhoid fever. She stood trial with the other former female guards. It is said, that she stated at the trial, “I am very intelligent and very devoted to my work in the camps. I struck at least two prisoners every day.” Klaff was found guilty and received a sentence of death for her abuse. She was publicly hanged on July 4, 1946, on Biskupia Górka hill near Gdańsk.

Stutthof camp commander was SS Standartenführer Max Pauly

Pauly was executed by hanging by Albert Pieremont by Albert Pierrepoint Albert-Pierrepoint.jpg in Hameln prison on 8 October 1946.

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