Ugaki, Kazushige.

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Ugaki, Kazushige, born 09-08-1968 to a samurai family in Seto-town, Bizen Province, graduated from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in 1891, and the Army Staff College in 1900. Ugaki was sent as military attaché to Germany from 1902-1904 and again from 1906-1907. In 1910, he was promoted to colonel and in 1915 was promoted to Major General, at which time he was made Commandant of the Army Staff College from 1919-1921 and commander of the IJA 10th Division from 1921-1922. In 1923, Ugaki became Vice Minister of the Army. In May 1938, Ugaki became Foreign Minister under the 1st Konoe Cabinet , but resigned after only 4 months. In 1944, Ugaki left politics and accepted the post of principal of Takushoku University, which he held throughout the war years. After World War II, along with all former members of the Japanese government, Ugaki was purged from public service and arrested by the American Occupation authorities.

Death and burial ground of Ugaki, Kazushige.

However, he was never charged with any war crimes, and was soon released.  In 1953, Ugaki ran for public office on a national ticket and was elected to the House of Councillors in the post-war Diet of Japan with an overwhelming vote. Ugaki died on 30-04-1956, age 87, at his summer villa in Izunokuni, Shizuoka. His grave is at Tama Cemetery, in Fuchu, Tokyo. Also buried there are close General, Korechika Anami, the Russian spy, Richard Sorge, Admiral, Nishizo Tsukahara, Admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto and General, Tomeyuki Yamashito.

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