Szymanski, Tadeusz “Ted”.

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Szymanski, Tadeusz, born in 1908, in Gostilla,  to Joseph Szymanski and Josephine, born Mraczkowski (Mocrarski), served in 316th (Polish) fighter squadron ‘Warszawskiego’ trained in attacking the German VI fling bombs and Sergeant, Tadeusz was the highest V1 (Diver)   ‘ace’ in the squadron with 8 victories. No. 316 “City of Warsaw” Polish Fighter Squadron: 316 Dywizjon Myśliwski “Warszawski”) was a Polish fighter squadron formed in Great Britain as part of an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom in 1941. No 316 Squadron    under command of Captain Juliusz Frey,  was formed at Pembrey on 15-02-1941 as a Polish fighter unit equipped with Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is. It was engaged in defensive duties over south-west England until it re-equipped with Hurricanes Mk.IIs and began sweeps over northern France. It later re-equipped with the Spitfire  and then Mustang aircraft. It was one of several Polish fighter squadrons fighting alongside the Royal Air Force  during World War II. On the 10-04-1942 he claimed Bf109 as a ‘probable north of Hardelot, two days later on the 12th April, he shot down a Fw190 south of Gravelines. In October the squadron returned to its bomber escort duties, now providing cover for Bomber Command’s renewed daylight bombing campaign. The squadron performed this role for the rest of the war. It survived for most of 1946, before being disbanded on 11 December. Some collegues were, Eugeniusz Gottowt    who crashed age 27 on 07-07-1943 and Sergeant Jerzy Gierczycki

  who crashed age 24, on 27-04-1943.

Death and burial ground of Szymanski, Tadeusz, “Ted”.

Tadeusz Szymanski final years were spent at Whitlingham hospital in Trowse, Norwich, where he died, age 84, on 24-01-1992.

    plk_tadeusz_szymanski His wife owned a jewelers shop in Norwich which later his son took over. Szymaniske is buried on Scottow Cemetery, Norfolk.



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