Mewis, Raul

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Mewis, Raul, born 03-06-1886 in Berlin Charlottenburg, entered the Army as a Sea Cadet and Fähnrich zur See and attended the basic training on board of the School Ship “Stein” age 19, from 01-04-1906. When the first war broke out he as a Kapitänleutnant was the commander of the torpedo Boats G 192 and V 181 of the 2nd Torpedo Boat Half Flotille

. At the end of the war he (left with Admiral Rolf Carls) was placed to the disposal of the Commander of torpedo boat forces and became the Chief of the 15th Torpedo Boat Half Flotille  on 02-02-1919, age 32. He became a Korvettenkapitän on 01-11-1925, Fregattenkapitän on 01-12-1930, and Kapitän zur See on 01-04-1933. With the beginning of World War II he as a Vice Admiral  was the commander of fortifications of the Western Baltic Sea, until 31-05-1940.  Coastal Commander of Denmark to 31-05-1943 and at the same time Acting Coastal Commander of the Western Baltic Sea, meanwhile an Admiral. He was assigned as Commanding Admiral of Denmark, until 18-03-1943 and placed to the disposal of the commanding Admiral of the Naval Station of the Baltic Sea, to 31-05-1943. Mewis then was retired from the Naval, age 56 on 31-05-1943, not useful ? and placed to the disposal of the Kriegsmarine without being mobilized anymore.

Death and burial ground of Mewis, Raul.

Retiring in Hamburg he died at the old age of 85 on 23-02-1972 and is buried with his wife Anne “Tata” Katharina, born von Lengerke, who died age 53, in 1962, on the churchyard of Blankenes in Hamburg.

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