Flotow, Erich von

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Flotow, Erich von
Flotow, Erich von, born 18-01-1870 in Posen, in a Mecklenburg  Uradelsgeschlecht, , entered the Army on 21-09-1888, age 17, in the 24th Infantry Regiment as a Fahnenjunker. From 19-03-1903 until 18-08-1906 adjutant of the Government and Company Chief of the 27th Infantry Regiment to 16-06-1911. At the beginning of the first war von Flotow was a major in the War Ministry, but soon took the command of an Infantry Regiment. He survived the war and retired from the Army on 30-04-1921, age 51. Von Flotow reactivated in Adolf Hitler’s  (did you know) growing Wehrmacht,  already age 69, on 27-11-1939. He was with the Armament Inspection Commander in Chief East, Krakau, until 19-09-1940.

Death and burial ground of Flotow, Erich von.

 Von Flotow died unexpected at the age of 70, on 19-09-1940. He is buried on the cemetery of Steglitz in Berlin, at the war graves section.


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