Bercken, Werner Rudolf Alfred Fedor von.

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Bercken, Werner Rudolf Alfred Fedor von.
Bercken, Werner Rudolf Alfred Fedor von, born on 08-02-1897 in Oppeln, Silesia, the son of the Prussian Generalmajor Gotthilf Karl Gustav Rudolf von Bercken (1859–1920) from Danzig and his wife Hedwig Johanna Adelaide Helene, born Fließ / Flies (born 25-10-1864 in Angermünde, Uckermark district). His grandfather was General of the Infantry Theodor Kasimir Rudolf von Bercken, his uncle was Generalmajor Hermann Konstantin Franz von Bercken. Major von Bercken married his fiancée Asta Sophie Hedwig Freiin von (und zu) Massenbach (1907–1992) from Posen, a daughter of Bernhard Ernst Sylvius Freiherr von und zu Massenbach (born 25-11-1876 in Bialokosch, Birnbaum district, Posen, Prussia) and Clara, born Heinrichs (1877–1958) from Radomitz. Her father died as a Oberleutnant in the reserve in the Reserve Infantry Regiment No. 271 on 15-06-1915 on the Eastern Front near Lemberg, Galicia.
Werner at the age of 17 in 1914, came already on the battlefields of World War I, in the Grenadier Regiment “König Wilhelm I .” as a Leutnant from 02-10-1914. On 16-03-1916, he is victim of a gas attack  and for three months in hospital. Recovered of these problems, again in hospital with a shot in the head, he lost his hearing. He was rewarded with both the Iron Crosses  and other decorations. Remaining in the new Reichswehr, with the 12th Infantry Regiment as the adjutant of the 2nd  Battalion. From 01-03-1939 promoted to Oberstleutnant and took his place in World War II with his battalion. He participates in the Poland invasion, received the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2nd Class for the battle in the region of Buschkow and the conquest of Crone and transferred to the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) (see William Hitler) in December 1939. Assigned to an Infantry School as commander and appointed to commander of the III Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division , under General der Panzertruppe, Fritz Hubert Graser. In November 1940 he lost this command and assigned as the commander of the 509th Infantry Regiment and is leading his regiment in the invasion of Russia, June 1942. Now decorated with the ribbon of the  of the Iron Cross first class. Lost his command again on 01-12-1941 and landed in the Führer Reserve. He is appointed to commander of the 84th Infantry Regiment, from February 1942 and becomes an Oberst. Being ill he lost his command in the summer of 1942 until his recover in 1942. Again in the Reserve and sent to a division leaders course in Döberitz. Now commander of the 102th Infantry Division , succeeding General der Infanterie, Otto Hitzfeld 
  . The 102nd successfully repelled repeated assaults by 20,000 infantry and over 100 tanks of three Soviet 31st Army divisions  Von Bercken is called in the Wehrmacht reports for his excellent leading Unlucky, he on 02-12-1943, is wounded again , now with a shot in the shoulder. As a Generalmajor, commanding the 102nd Infantry Division, during heavy fighting in the battle of Nowogrod, along the river Narew, he is awarded with the Iron Cross. Promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-08-1944 and on 23-10-1944 awarded with the Knight Cross of the Iron cross. As commander of the 558th Volks-Grenadier-Division, he is captured by the Soviet Forces and imprisoned until October 1955, ten years. The new Chancellor, Konrad  Adenauer
   intervened to get the last 5.000 prisoners free.

Death and burial ground of Bercken, Werner Rudolf Alfred Fedor von.

Werner von Bercken, after his release living in Röttgen near Bonn, died at the age of 79, on 29-02-1976. Generalleutnant von Bercken is buried with his wife Asta, born von Massenbach, who died age 84, on 01-01-1992, on the village cemetery of Meckenheim, a suburb, near Bonn.



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