William Patrick “Willy” Stuart-Houston, born Hitler enlisted and fought in World War II with the USA forces .


William Patrick “Willy” Stuart-Houston born Hitler on 12 March 1911 was the nephew of Adolf Hitler. Born to Adolf’s half-brother, Alois Hitler, J., and his first wife, Bridget Dowling in Liverpool, Lancashire, They met in Dublin when Alois was living there in 1909; they married in Marlebone in London and moved back north to Liverpool, where William was born in 1911.

In 1914, Alois left Bridget and their son for a gambling tour of Europe. Alois later returned to Germany. Unable to reconnect due to the outbreak of World War i, Alois abandoned the family, leaving William to be brought up by his mother.  He remarried bigamously, but re-established contact in the mid-1920s when he wrote to Bridget asking her to send William to Germany’s Weimar Republic for a visit. She finally agreed in 1929, when William was 18. Alois had since had another son by his German wife, Heinz Hitler, who, in contrast to William, became a committed Nazi and in 1942 died in Soviet captivity.

The nephew of Adolf Hitler joined the U.S. Navy in 1944 after imploring then President Franklin D. Roosevelt to allow him to help fight the “devilish and pagan” Nazi regime led by his uncle, a letter reveals.

In the letter, written in 1942, William Patrick Hitler begs President Roosevelt to reconsider an earlier denial to join the U.S. Forces, saying “All my relatives and friends soon will be marching for freedom and decency under the Stars and Stripes … I am respectfully submitting this petition to you to enquirer as to whether I may be allowed to join them in their struggle against tyranny and oppression?”

William Hitler fled Nazi German in 1939, first arriving in Britain. In 1940, the same year Adolf Hitler established the Auschwitz concentration camp and invaded France, his nephew moved to New York City and began his campaign to join the Allied forces. Describing his “difficult and singular situation” as the “nephew and only descendant” of the German leader, William Hitler told Roosevelt “I am one of many, but I can render service to this great cause.” He also outlined his previous attempts to thwart his uncle’s despotic aims.

William Patrick Hitler is sworn into the U.S. Navy March 6, 1944, by Lieutenant Christian Christofferson

 in New York City. “As a fugitive from the Gestapo I warned France through the press that Hitler would invade her that year. The people of England I warned by the same means that the so-called “solution” of Munich was a myth that would bring terrible consequences,” the letter said.

So determined was William Hitler to join an Allied army, he also told FDR he attempted to join the British armed forces and was considering an attempt to join Canada’s military. William Hitler described his uncle as a “Frankenstein” seeking to enslave the world under “a devilish and pagan regime.”

According to historians, there was no love lost among the Hitler men. William was the son of Adolf’s half-brother, Alois, but Uncle Adolf referred to William as “my loathsome nephew.”

After leaving the Navy, William Hitler changed his surname to Stuart-Houston; some have commented on its similarity with the name of the British anti-Semitic writer Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Stuart-Houston married Phyllis Jean-Jacques, who was born in Germany in the mid-1920s, she died in 2004. After their relationship began, William, Phyllis, and Bridget tried for some anonymity in the United States. They married in 1947 and had their first child, Alexander Adolf, in 1949. They had three more sons: Louis (b. 1951), Howard Ronald (1957-1989), and Brian William (b. 1965).

William Stuart-Houston died on July 14, 1987, age 76, in Patchoque, His remains were buried next to his mother’s, at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Coram, New York. Phyllis died on November 2, 2004.




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