SS Obergruppenführer Günther Pancke


Günther Pancke  was born 01-05-1899 in Gnesen (Gniezno), Province, Gewrman Empire. He served during the First World War as front line officer with the rank of Leutnant. Between 1920 and 1927 he stayed in South America. He joined the Nazi Party  on 1 August 1930, and the SS on 1 June 1931.

Günther Pancke here with SS Obergruppenführer Werner Best, left, was appointed as Verbindungsoffizier between the Führerhauptquartier and the SS-Totenkopfverbänden  and Einsatzgruppen des SD  in 1939. After that he served as Höherer SS und Polizeiführer “Mitte”.From October 1943 until the end of the war he was appointed as the SS- und Polizeiführer “Dänemark” and was promoted to Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei on 20 April 1944, and General der Waffen SS  on 21 March 1945.

During his role in Denmark, he  became incensed by the refusal of the Danish police to combat resistance forces or to protect factories from sabotage. He ordered the entire national police force, amounting to approximately 10,000 officers, to be arrested and sent to the Buchenwald  concentration camp. Approximately 1,700 were arrested, with the balance eluding capture.

After 8 years of imprisonment in Denmark, Pancke

   was released 1953 and died on 17 August 1973, age 74, in Hamburg.