Prime Minister Winston Churchill.


Winston Churchill was the British Prime Minister during World War II and played a key role in the Allied victory over Nazi Germany and the Axis powers.

Before World War II, Churchill spoke publicly that he believed another War was inevitable, setting himself in opposition to then Prime-Minister Neville Chamberlain, who favored a strategy of appeasement, in hopes of avoiding a war. Churchill believed that Hitler could not be appeased. Churchill argued for the need to rebuild the Royal Air Force as quickly as possible. His warnings proved roughly true, and in the House of Commons he told Neville Chamberlain) : “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war”

After the war began, Chamberlain and several other members of the British Government decided he was the Ideal man to lead Great Britain through the War. During the war, Churchill was instrumental in maintaining the morale of the British people. In particular, three speeches made before and during the Battle of Britain have become famous.  These speeches are know as the “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat,” speech, the “We Shall Fight on the Beaches,” speech, and the “This Was Their Finest Hour,” speech.

Churchill’s friendly relationship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt  was partially responsible for the support the U.S. gave Britain during the early parts of the war.

Churchill is most responsible for the common conception of British politics during WWII.

Winston Churchill is a selectable leader for the civilization of England, he was introduced in the Warlords Expansion. His two traits are: Charismatic, which makes the player’s population happier, and reduces the experience need to promote military units; and Protective, which grants free promotion for certain military units, and doubles the speed at which walls and  castles could be produced. Churchill had already fought in the Boer War , escaped from a prison camp, written 11 books and served as Home Secretary. Alongside this appetite for work and adventure,  he had also acquired a seemingly gargantuan capacity for food and drink, which he kept until his final days. He died at the ripe age of 90. A miracle, considering he had drunk

  an estimated 42.000 bottles of Pol Roger champagne through his life; he thought nothing of starting the morning with cold game and a glass of hock and always smolking sigars, ending it at 3am with the best part of a bottle of cognac.


Some quotes:


” A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him.”

” Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the general, the more he contributes in maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter. ”

” I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. ”

” I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. ”



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    The arrangement of the Churchill gravestones is in a modest church just outside Blenheim proper, and has no indications on the nearest main road.6

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