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Zech, Werner, born 25-02-1895 in Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart, son of Professor Hermann Zech, who died age 61, in 1915 and Luise Gugenhan, who died in 1934, entered the Army on 25-06-1913 as a Fahnenjunker in the 125th Infantry Regiment, until 20-02-1915 and detached to the War School in Hersfeld.  After a pilot training Zech was an observer during the first war, in the 12th Field Flying Battalion
and following as a pilot in the fighter Squadron 31, until 30-05-1918. As a Liaison Officer and adjutant with the Representatives of the Aviation Peace Commission with the Staff of the 5th Division he retired on 31-12-1920. Werner Zech reactivated in the growing Hermann Göring’s Luftwaffe on 01-06-1934. with the outbreak of World War II, he was commander of III group of Bomber Wing 155, renamed in Bomber Wing 76, also Airbase Commander in Wels, until 30-11-1939. He was the Flying Leader 3 to 09-08-1943 and delegated with the Leadership of the 4th Flying Division to 21-08-1943. He landed in the infamous Führer Reserve Okl to 25-09-1943. But just a month later he took over the 3rd Flieger Division in the central section of the Eastern Front. This was followed by another transfer to the Führerreserve on 15-02-1944, where he was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-03-1944. On 14-07-1944 he became General of the Air Force Construction Troops with the Chief of Civil Engineering of the Air Force until he left the service on 30-04-1945.

Death and burial ground of Zech, Werner.

Zech retired on 30-04-1945, age 50, but still landed in US captivity, until 27-07-1947. Living in Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt, after the war, he at the old age of 86 died on 06-10-1981 and is buried with his wife Paula, born Schmöger, who died age 76 in 1975, on the Waldfriedhof of Bad Cannstatt.

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