Zech, Otto.

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Zech, Otto
Zech, Otto, born 21-10-1886 in Suckowshof, Pomerania, joined the Army 14-03-1905, age 18, as a Company Officer in the 31st Infantry Regiment until 30-09-1913. He on 01-10-1913 started a pilot training  and became a pilot in the 9th Field Flying Battalion, to 09-02-1915. He became the leader of Army Flight Park 1 during the first war, until the demobilisation at the end of the war. Zech retired from the Army on 30-09-1920, and entered Hermann Göring’s (did you know) growing Luftwaffe  again as a Supplement Officer on 28-08-1934 and in active service on 01-07-1941. With the outbreak of World War II, he was Quartermaster with the Air Region Command 1 until 31-05-1940. Successively the commander of Air Equipment Group West France to 31-03-1941, Commander of the AEG 17 to 09-06-1941, Commander of Field AEG Romania to 25-12-1941 and commander of AEG Italy until 31-10-1943. Than again transferred to the Air Equipment Group 1 to 07-03-1944, following the command of Air Region Troop 1 of Königsberg, then under command of General der Infanterie, Otto Lasch
    and Danzig until 30-11-1944. Promoted to Generalmajor from 01-03-1944.

Death and burial ground of Zech, Otto.

Zech then was placed to disposal of the Flying Replacement Division, Braunschweig to 28-02-1945 and retired from the Army, age 58. Living in Murnau, Generalmajor Otto Zech died at the age of 78, on 07-05-1965 and is buried with his wife Frida, who died old age 95, in 1990, on the Stadtfriedhof of Murnau.

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