Zander, Wilhelm.

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Zander, Wilhelm, born 22-04-1911 in Saarbrücken, was an adjutant to Party Chancellery (Parteikanzlei), Martin Bormann (see Adolf Martin Bormann) during World War II. He joined the SS in 1933 and became a SS Sturmführer on 12-06-1933, Obersturmführer on 30-01-1934, SS Hauptsturmführer  on 01-04-1933 and Staff Führer with the SS Reichsführer, Heinrich Himmler. Gerhard Klopfer 397px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_119-06-44-12,_Gerhard_Klopfer  born 18-02-1905, died 29-01-1987, was another official of the Nazi Party and assistant to Martin Bormann in the Office of the (Nazi) Party Chanccellery. Klopfer represented Bormann during the Wannsee Conference “Final Solution” for the Jews, on 20-01-1942 with Reinhard Heydrich,

 Adolf Eichmann,

State Secretary Erich Neuman and jurist, Roland Freisler 

Wannsee Conference: conference site View Photographs   Klopfer was the last surviving attendee of the Wannsee Conference. Although Zander received only minimal education he built up business interests in Italy, he was a party idealist. However he abandoned these to take up a full-time post as a Nazi Party worker. He became a SS Sturmbannführer on 20-04-1937 and SS Obersturmbannführer  on 20-04-1943. He also joined the Schutzstaffel and achieved the rank of SS Standartenführer.  He was awarded with the Iron Cross 1st  and 2nd Class, the SA Sport Badge in Bronze  and the Reichssport Badge in Bronze . As the war in Europe ended, he had accompanied Bormann to the Führerbunker in Berlin. He later fled the bunker during Battle of Berlin, on 29-04-1945, carrying two documents that included the will of Adolf Hitler, which Bormann had instructed him to carry to Grossadmiral, Karl Dönitz

266px-Karl_Dönitz    , in Kiel. It was subsequently discovered that he had adopted the surname Friedrich Wilhelm Paustin and worked as a gardener in Tegernsee. He was captured under this name in the American occupation zone, near Hannover and as a consequence the copies of Hitler’s will and testament and the certificate of the marriage between Hitler and Eva Braun (see Eva Braun (see Braun parents)   went into the hands of the American and British forces. Arnold Hans Weiss,  who fled to the United States from Nazi Germany as a 13-year-old and returned as an American soldier during World War II, becoming a principal in the investigation that led to the discovery of Hitler’s last will and political testament. He found Wilhelm Zander, Chief aide to Martin Bormann, the Nazi Party official who had controlled access to Hitler. Weiss pressured Mr. Zander’s family members, whom he found in the telephone book, and a girlfriend to gain the information that led to a Bavarian farmhouse in Tegernsee, where Zander was posing as a gardener. Hans Weiss died 07-12-2010 of pneumonia, in Rockville, Maryland, he was 86 and lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Death and burial ground of Zander, Wilhelm.

Living in Munich, Wilhelm Zander died at the age 63 on 27-09-1974 and is buried on the East Friedhof of Munich.


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