Wisliceny, Günther Eberhard.

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Wisliceny, Günther Eberhard
germanySS ObergruppenführerWaffen SS
Wisliceny, Günther Eberhard, born 05-09-1912 in  Angerburg , enlisted in the SS-Stabswache Berlin in 1933, he was posted in 1938 to the Der Führer Regiment , seeing his first action as a company commander in the Balkans in spring 1941. He spent 1941 to 1943 on the Eastern Front and 1944 in France, fighting in all the battles of the senior SS divisions, and being wounded four times . As commander of the Kommandeur 3rd Panzer Division,” Deutschland File:3rd and 20th Panzer Division logo.svg  under General der Panzertruppe, Franz Westhoven   DeutschesKreuzinGold.jpg, he was awarded the Knight’s Cross for leadership of a battalion during the battles for the Kursk  salient in July 1943. Franz Westhoven died old age 88, on 09-10-1983, in Hamburg. Wisliceny received the Oak Leaves  on 27-12-1944, at the Normandy invasion front. His friend SS Obergruppenführer, Friedrich Dollmann died there of a heart attack
   . The Swords  were awarded for his actions in the Ardennes, Hungary and Austria. In 1945 he was handed over by the US Army to the French during investigations into his division’s war crimes at Tulle and Oradour-sur-Glane (see SS Sturmbannführer Adolf Diekmann), but was released in 1951. His older brother SS Hauptsturmführer, Dieter Wisliceny
served in the staff of SS Obersturmbannfuhrer, Adolf Eichmann
. Dieter was involved in the deportation of the Hungarian Jews in 1944. He was tried for War Crimes and executed in Bratislava on 04-05-1948.

Death and burial ground of Wisliceny, Günther Eberhard.

Bundesarchiv Bild 101III-Zschaeckel-210-08, Günther-Eberhard Wisliceny.jpg    Günther Eberhard Wiscliceny, lived in Hanover, where he at the age of 72 died, on 05-08-1985 and is buried on the Cemetery of Bothfeld in Hanover, alas his gravestone is removed.

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