Weiss, Walter Otto

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Weiss, Walter Otto, born 05-09-1890 in Tilsit, East Prussia and joined the military service on 19-03-1908. At the beginning of World War II, during the Polish Campaign, he was, as an Oberst then, given command of I. Armee-Korps under General Walter Petzel , holding the position Chief of the General Staff, and was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-09-1940. Walter Petzel died age 81 on 01-10-1965 in Hameln. On 15-12-1940 Weiss took command of the 97th Leichten Division. The division was formed on 10-12-1940 near Bad Tölz. It was redesignated 97th Jäger Division

 on 06-07-1942. Weiss on 15-01-1941 got the command of the 26th Infanterie-Division , succeeding General der Infanterie Sigismund von Förster ,. Förster died 12-01-1959, age 71, in Bremen. This Division was subordinated to Army Group Centre and participated in Operation Barbarossa. This division renamed in 26th Volksgrenadier Division  spent the rest of the war on the Western Front under Army Group B, Heeresgruppe B , commander Fieldmarschal Erwin Model   until it entered U.S. captivity in the Harz in 1945. Promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-01-1942, Weiss took command of the XXVII. Armee-Korps on 01-07-1942, where he succeeded General Joachim Witthöft

who died age 78, on 07-07-1966 in Dalheim-Rodgen. Again promoted on 01-09-1942, to General der Infanterie, Weiss led the German 2nd Army, where he succeeded General der Infanterie Hans von Salmuth on the Eastern Front from 03-02-1943 on. In 1945 the army was redisgnated AOK Ostpreußen under General der Panzertruppe Dietrich von Saucken    and was pivotal in the defense of East and West Prussia before finally surrendering on 09-05-1945. Weiss received command of Heeresgruppe Nord on 12-03-1945 where he followed Generaloberst Lothar Rendulic. At the end of the war he was taken prisoner and held in American captivity until 1948 Russland, Generale vor Holzhaus.

Death and burial ground of Weiss, Walter Otto.


Walter Otto Weiss retired in Aschaffenburg, where he at the age of 77 died on 21-12-1967. He is buried on the Waldfriedhof of Aschaffenburg, but his gravestone is alas removed. Wolfgang Linke from Frankfurt am Main, visited the cemetery and took the pictures of the cleared graveside.


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