Wandel, Martin

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Wandel, Martin, born 15-04-1892 in Berlin joined the Army on 16-04-1910, age 18, as a Fahnenjunker with the 1. Oberschlesisches Feldartillerie-Regiment „von Clausewitz“ Nr. 21 . Promoted to Leutnant on 18-08-1911 he was on the battlefields of the first war and received both the Iron Crosses   or bravery. Wandel was lucky to stay in the new, 100.000 men, Reichswehr and served with the Signal Corps in Breslau until 1924. From 1925 assigned as Chief of the 3rd battalion of the 2nd Prussian Artillery Regiment in Stetin until 1929. Then he was transferred to the Staff of the Artillery leader II in Stettin and promoted to Major on 01-10-1931. An Oberstleutnant from 01-10-1934 and from 15-10-1935 he became the Chief of Staff of the Inspection of the Artillery. Promoted to Oberst on 01-04-1937 and commander of the war school Arko 105 in Potsdam. He became a Generalmajor from 01-04-1941 and appointed as commander of the 121st Infantery Division  in the East of Russia, he replaced Generalleutnant, Otto Lancelle  Later involved in battles in North of Russia, Wandel was awarded with the Iron Cross of the Iron Cross on 23-11-1941 and promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-10-1942. He lost the command of the 121st on 10-11-1942 to General, Helmuth Priess   and from 01-12-1942 assigned as commanding General of the XXIV Panzer Corps in the south of the Eastern Front. Helmuth Priess was killed, age 47, on 21-10-1944 near Hasenrode, East Prussia.

Death and burial ground of Wandel, Martin.


Martin Wandel was killed in action on 14-01-1943, age 50, near Rossosch, as there command post was run over by the Russian forces. General Martin Wandel has a grave of honour in his birth town Berlin on the Burgtor cemetery, where his wife Marriet, born von Rège, who died age 80 on 18-06-1984, is buried



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