Steinmüller, Walter Ludwig Friedrich.

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Steinmüller, Walter Ludwig Friedrich.

Steinmüller, Walter Ludwig Friedrich, born 17-06-1890 one year before Adolf Hitler   in Behnkenhausen, joined the Army Service on 01-10-1912 with the Reserve Fusiliers Regiment 90. He married on 18-07-1915 with Grete Peters and divorced in 1944 and had a son and a daughter. He retired from the Army on 31-12-1918 and joined the Police Service with the II Infantery Regiment 59 on 01-02-1938. Promoted to Oberleutnant on 01-04-1938 , Oberst on 01-04-1941, Generalmajor on 01-10-1944 and Generalleutnant on 01-04-1945.

He was appointed to commander of the II Infantry Regiment 59 on 01-09-1939, and of the Infantry Regiment 32 on 30-01-1940. Assigned as the commander of Infantry Regiment 532 from 06-09-1943 and from 10-10-1943 until 25-04-1944 as commander of the 531st Infantry Regiment.

From 01-05-1944 commander Division Fuhrer Lehrgang  until 05-09-1944. Commander of the 331st Infantry Division  where he succeeded Generalleutnant Karl-Ludwig Rhein   from 01-08-1944 and from the 346th Infantry Division from 16-10-1944 until 01-11-1944, where he succeeded Generalleutnant Erich Diestel Erich Diestel died age 80 on 03-08-1973 in Bad Wiessee and is buried in Goslar. Generalleutnant Karl-Ludwig Rhein survived the war and died old age 93 on 27-03-1988. .Steinmuller married for the second time on 07-06-1944 with Margrit Müller. From 16-10-1944 until 09-02-1945 he was commander of the 346th Infantry Division, but because of an accident he was temporary succeeded by Oberst Erich Neumann. On 09-02-1945 his successor of the 346th Division was Oberst Gerhard Lindner. Lindner, later Generalmajor, born in Bautzen died old age 83 on 04-06-1982 in Aurich.

Commander of the Infantry Division Hamburg and Steinmüller’s last command was of the 70th Infantry Division until the end of the war. The German 70th Infantry Division was a unit of the German Army. It was formed late in 1944 from personnel previously exempted from military service due to stomach disorders or injuries (sometimes referred to as a “Stomach division”). Groups of men, previously declared unfit for active service, were drafted or recalled into service. These included those with stomach complaints and it was decided that these men would be concentrated into one formation to facilitate the provision of special foods and to isolate infectious or unpleasant conditions (hence the unofficial description of “White Bread” or Magen (Stomach) Division).

Later, during the Battle of the Bulge , the Germans employed another “Stomach” unit, the Infantrie Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Battalion 282 (M), falsely referred to as Stomach Trouble battalion 282 by the 749th tank battalion.

Death and burial ground of Steinmüller, Walter Ludwig Friedrich.

Retiring in Aachen Walter Steinmüller died at the age of 78 on 07-09-1968. Steinmüller is buried with his wife Margarit who died age 83 on 10-08-1997, on the Friedhof Lintert, Lintertseweg in Aachen, in Section 14.

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