Steengracht von Moyland , Gustav Adolf

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Steengracht von Moyland , Gustav Adolf, born on 05-11-1902 in Schloss Moyland near Kleve in Nordrhein Westfalen, the son of Nicolaas Adriaan

Steengracht van Moyland, a Dutch nobleman who received the title of Baron in 1888. His son Hendrik who lived from 1869 untill 1932 inherited the title of Baron. Shortly after his birth, Moyland was made a naturalized citizen of Prussia and the German Empire in 1902. Gustav studied law and economic and became a lawyer, who joined the NSDAP and SA in 1933. In the same year he became the Area Farmer Führer of Kleve. In 1935 Moyland worked in the Office for Foreign Matters and in 1938 he became an assistant to Joachim von Ribbentrop, Nazi Germany’s foreign minster. Von Moyland was appointed as State Secretary as he succeeded Ernst von Weizsäcker

. After the war he was arrested as a war criminal and imprisoned in the Landsberg prison. He was declared guilty of neglecting a request of the Switzerland ambassador to allow 5.000 Jewish children to immigrate to Palastina, their destiny was thus fatal. In 1949 he was tried by the Americans at Nuremberg,

     the Wilhelmstrassen Trails, condemned for seven years in prison, but in January 1950 he was given an amnesty and freed from Landsberg Prison. He spent the remainder of his life at his family castle, Schloss Moyland, close to the Dutch border. Steengracht used, the nobel title of Baron, wrongly, as the title given to his father in 1888 with the determination that only the oldest son could inherit the title. His oldest son was Baron Hendrik who died age 63, in 1932.

Death and burial ground of Steengracht von Moyland , Gustav Adolf.

  Gustav Steengracht von Moyland died age 66, on 07-07-1969, of a heart attack and is buried on the small cemetery opposite the Castle Moyland.

Cemetery and grave location of Steengracht von Moyland , Gustav Adolf.




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