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Scott, Charles Lewis, born 22-10-1883, in Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia,. the son of Robert Gormain Scott (1860–1927) and his wife Mary McClellan, born English Scott (1854–1942) ,He had three sisters and one brother Frieda McClellan Scott Morrissette (1885–1972), Anne Gorin Scott Bradley (1888–1971), George English Scott (1891–1959) and Helen English Scott McCorvey (1893–1986)

Charles attended the Command & General Staff School, in 1928. He was Quartermaster, Mitchel Field, New York from 1930 to 1931. Instructor at the Cavalry School to 1932 and manager of the US Olympic Equestrian Team to 1933. He then attended three years the Army War College and became a Officer in Charge of Material & Equipment Section, office of the Chief of Cavalry until 1940. Assigned as Commanding Officer 13th Cavalry Regiment to 1940. During world War II he was the assistant Chief of Staff (G-3), 1st Corps Area and Commanding General 2nd Armored Division, nickname “Hell on Wheels”   until 1941. In 238 battle days, the 2nd Armored suffered 7.348 casualties, including 1,160 killed in action. Members of the division received 9.369 individual awards, including two Medals of Honor, twenty-three Distinguished Service Crosses, and 2.302 Silver Stars as well as nearly 6.000 Purple Hearts; among those receiving the Silver Star were Douglas MacArthur, Edward “Ted” Brooks Appointed as the Acting Chief of the Armored Force and Commanding General of the 1st Armored Corps to 1942. Scott became the Senior US Military Observer with 8th British Army File:British Eighth Army SSI.svg in Egypt, under Bernard Montgomery opponents the Africa Corps  under Generalfieldmarshal Erwin Rommel    and Luftwaffe under Generalfieldmarshal der Flieger, Oberbefehlhaber der Luftflotte 2, Albert Kesselring

   until 1943, He returned to the USA and became the Commanding General Armored Force Replacement Training Center, Fort Knox, Kentucky until the end of the war and wasn’t in action anymore. Scott last command was as Commanding General Armored Center, Fort Knox, in Kentucky and retired in 1946, 63 years old.

Death and burial ground of Scott, Charles Lewis.


Charles Scott reached the age of 71 and died in 27-11-1954. He is buried with his wife Helen, born Patterson, who died age 81, in 1964, on the National Cemetery of Arlington, in Section 2, Grave 4756-1-2. Close by the graves of, General, Commander 92nd “ Negro Division”, Edward Almond, Major General, Commander 8th Bomber Command Europe, Frederick Anderson, Rear Admiral, Commander Destroyer Greyson, Frederic Bell, Navy Admiral, “Operation Crossroads”, William Blandy, General, Commander 32nd Infantry Division, Clovis Beyers, Navy Admiral, Battle of the Leyte Gulf, Robert Carney, Air Force General Lieutenant, Claire Chennault, Lieutenant General, Commander 4th Corps, Italy Campaign, Willis Crittenberger, Brigadier General, First African-American General, Benjamin Davis, Quartermaster Lieutenant General, John De Witt, Major General and Head OSS, William Donovan, Brigadier General, Speck Easley, Marine Corps Major General, Commander 1st Raider Battalion, Merrit Edson, Lieutenant General, VIII Army, Robert Eichelberger, Navy Admiral, Commander Nord Pacific Fleet, Frank Fletscher and Navy Admiral, Commander VII Forces, William Fechteler

   Lieutenant General, Commander 86th Infantry Division, Ridgeley Gaither, Major General, Commander 29th Infantry Division, D-Day, Charles Gerhardt and Admiral, U.S. Chief of Naval Material, John Gingrich, U.S. Brigadier General, “ Merrills Marauders “ in Burma, Frank Dawn Merrill, U.S. 4* Navy Vice Admiral. Commander U.S.S. Hornet, Doolittle Raid, Marck Mitscher.

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