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Schubert, Curt, born 30-06-1893 in Stedten near Erfurt, entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker, age 20, on 17-03-1914, with the 1st Telegraph Battalion. He was in the fields with this Battalion and ended the war as an Oberleutnant with the Division Signals Commander 302. Schubert was allowed in new Reichswehr and climbed the ranks to Oberst on 01-10-1938, age 45. With the outbreak of World War II he was Higher signals Leader with the Air Fleet command 2 to 15-04-1941, promoted to Generalmajor on 19-07-1940. Higher Signals Leader with Luftwaffe Commander Centre to 16-11-1940, Signals Leader with Field Air Region Command Rostov-Don until 21-09-1941, successively Higher Signals Leader with Luftwaffe Command East to 10-05-1943, meanwhile a Generalleutnant. The youngest Generalleutnant  in WWII with 36, was Theodor Tolsdorff,

   the youngest General, with 42, Walter Wenck. With the Air Fleet Command 6, until 05-05-1945 as Schubert landed in Allied captivity.

Death and burial ground of Schubert, Curt

Curt Schubert was released on 21-06-1947 and retiring in Eutin he died at the age 77, on 22-07-1970 and is buried with his wife Ingeborg, born Guse, who died age 70, in 1986, on the Stadtfriedhof of Eutin, only steps of the graves of the Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur 326th Volksgrenadier Division, Dr. Erwin Kaschner, General der Flieger, Kommandeur Luftwaffe Hamburg, Alfred Manhcke, Vice Admiral, Kommandeur Kreuzer EmdenWerner Lange and Generalmajor der Infanterie,Kommandeur 197th Infanterie DivisionHermann Meyer Rabingen

. Eutin was the town of the temporary headquarter of the new chancellor Grossadmiral, Karl Dönitz, after the suicide of  Hitler and Eva Braun. (see Braun parents).

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