Schniewindt, Rudolf.

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Schniewindt, Rudolf, born 25-12-1975 in Gut Berentrop, Altena, the son of Albert Ludwig Schniewindt (1833-1897). In 1912 Rudolf married a granddaughter of Heinrich Xaver Sieger, a German manufacturer, entrepreneur and owner of the Kurkölnische Landesburg Zülpic, Elfriede Sieger (1887-1979), whose father was Generalleutnant and Knight of the Order Pour le Mérite, Ludwig Sieger (1857-1952). Rudolf entered the Army, age 17, on 29-10-1892 as a Fahnenjunker in the Königliche Prussian Army . The labour son joined the 3rd Magdeburgisches Infanterie Regiment Nr. 66 , promoted to Fähnrich 18-05-1893 and after finishing the war school to 2nd Leutnant. At the beginning of the first war he as a Major now, was at the Army headquarter on 01-11-1914. On 01-03-1915 he was transferred to the Prussian War Ministry and appointed as the 1st General Staff Officer with the 3rd Reserve Division. He received the Pour le Mérite on 04-08- 1918 and also both the Iron Crosses for his war actions. His brother Ludwig Theodore Schniewindt a major, also received the Pour le Merite on 21-05-1918. Rudolf was allowed in the new Reichswehr and as a Generalleutnant he on 30-09-1929 succeeded General Joachim von Stülpnagel.

 Schniewindt was retired from the Service on 30-09-1931 as a General of the Infantry, age 55 with the permission to wear the uniform of the 12th Infantry Regiment. He was reactivated in the growing Wehrmacht on 01-07-1938, age 62 and from 25-09-1938 he was transferred to the Generalkommando IX. Army Corps, under the command of General der Artillerie Friedrich Karl Albert Dollmann in Kassel, With the mobilization for World War II he was appointed as Commanding General of the Replacement Generalkommando IX. Armeekorps in Kassel, on 25-08-1939. At the same time commander of the Wehrkreis IX. Promoted to General of the Infantry on 01-09-1940. He lost his command on 01-05-1942 and landed in the Führer Reserve. Friedrich Karl Albert Dollmann (02-02-1882 – 29-06-1944, age 62, was a German General during World War II who commanded the 7th Army during the Invasion of France and the early phases of the Allied invasion of Normandy until his death in June 1944. Unaware that he had been relieved of command, Dollmann was nonetheless worn out and stressed. He died on 29-06-1944, age 62. The exact circumstances of his death remain controversial. Some sources say he suffered a heart attack, while others say he committed suicide by taking poison.In 1973, Dollmann’s last chief of staff Lieutenant General Max-Josef Pemsel,   wrote that on 29 June at around 3:00 in the morning, Dollmann bid farewell to his staff and committed suicide in his command post.[38] In 2003, a theory was put forward that like Erwin Rommel,

    Dollmann was forced to commit suicide by Hitler. He was buried in France on 02-07-1944, where the field marshals Gerd von  Rundstedt, Rommel and Hugo Sperrle

  were present. On the same day, he received posthumously the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves. Later, Hitler delivered a laudatory obituary on behalf of Dollmann. He is buried at the Champigny-Saint-André German war cemetery.

Death and burial ground of Schniewindt, Rudolf.


Finally he was retired on 30-06-1942, age 66 and received the German Cross in Silber on 12-06-1943. Schniewindt wasn’t in captivity after the war and living in Marburg, he died at the age of 78, on 16-07-1954.  He is buried on the cemetery Ockerhausserallee in Marburg. Graf Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg   lived in Marburg too. Paul von Hindenburg is buried in the Elisabeth Church of Marburg.


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