Schmalz, Wilhelm.

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Schmalz, Wilhelm, born 01-03-1901 in Gut Reussen, near Seitz, at the same day as SS Obergruppenführer Erich Julius Eberhard von dem Bach-Zelewski, too Bruno Schmalz and his wife Käthe Schmalz, born Stumpf, entered the Army on 01-04-1919, age 18, in the III Marine Brigade and then with the Volunteer Division of Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck
  Lettow Vorbeck died old age of 92, on 09-03-1964, in Hamburg. He was the commander of the German East Africa campaign, in the first war.  On 13-11-1936 at the age of 34 he married Louise Henriette Wilhelmine von Preussen. Schmalz made a career in the new Reichswehr and with the outbreak of World War II he as a Major, was the Battalion Commander of the 11th Rifle Regiment to 31-10-1940. Commander of the 59th Rifle Battalion until 31-10-1940. Commander of the 11th Panzer Grenadier Regiment to 31-11-1942, as an Oberstleutnant. As an Oberst Commander of the Group „New Formation of Division, Hermann Göring (did you know), in Mont de Marsan, France to 30-04-1943.
Schmalz was transferred to the Luftwaffe as Commander of Special Purpose Grenadier Brigade of Panzer Division Hermann Göring until 15-04-1944. Commander of Parachute Panzer Division Hermann Göring until 03-10-1944,as a Generalmajor now. According to a British Government report, the Hermann Goering Division was involved in several reprisal operations during its time in Italy. One of these occurred in the surrounding area of the village of Civitella in Val di Chiana.  On 29-06-1944, 244 citizens of Civitella were massacred by the Hermann Goering Division Stragi naziste, 'Germania risarcisca' La Cassazione condanna Berlino , in retaliation for the killing of two German soldiers by the hands of partisans. That same day, 173 people were killed in the nearby villages of  and Civitella. Gabriella Panzieri lost several family members in the San Pancrazio massacre. Six years old at the time, she describes taking refuge in the woods with her mother. “I remember the flames rising from our village that night. It was like the whole world was on fire,” she said.
On 10-10-2006, SS Max Josef Milde was convicted by the Italian military court of La Spezia for his role in the Civitella massacre. The Italian Court of Cassation in October 2008 ruled that Germany was to pay one million dollars to 203 victims of the massacre. However, the International Court of Justice later ruled that Italy was required to void the judgment out of respect for Germany’s state immunity. After the end of the World War II he lived in Bremen and worked for the police. On 01-12-2007 there was a rally in front of the court where Milde. Milde died without punishing for his war crimes on the very old age of 93 on 24-04-2016.
Around 800 soldiers from the division took part in fighting during the Warsaw Uprising in the Wola district, where mass executions of civilians occurred in connection with Hitler’s orders to destroy the city. During the battle of Sicily  around 12.000 Germans killed or captured, add wounded and the figure is around 20.000. This would work out to be around 4.000 killed, missing, 8.000 wounded, 8.000 captured. With around the equivalent of 4 German divisions involved this would mean losses of 5.000 men per division on average. Italian losses are given as 140.000 (mainly prisoners). Allied losses around 24.000 men. Promoted to Generalleutnant
Schmalz (November 1944).jpg   on 30-01-1945, the youngest Generalleutnant in WWII, with 36, was Theodor Tolsdorff, the youngest General, with 42, Walter Wenck.
   Schmalz was commander of the Parachute Panzer Corps Hermann Goering, to 08-05-1945. At the outbreak of war the HG Regiment fought in Poland.  Reorganized into the HG Division, they were sent to Italy for about one year.  On 06-01-1944, the division was renamed “Fallschirm Panzer Division Hermann Goring”  that consisted of panzer, armoured artillery and infantry battalions.  They were sent back to Poland and fought in the battle of Warsaw in August 1944.  They served in Russia with the XXXIX Panzer Corps under command of Generalleutnant Karl Arndt and at Fortress Graudenz  in February 1945. General Arndt died age 89 on  30-12-1981 in Balve. During the fighting in Russia, Heinrich (Heinz*) Theodor Goering, Dr. jur. , the nephew of the Reichsmarshall, was killed in action 29-07-1944. age 36.
The statistics indicate that 60.000 soldiers served with the HG Division during its life-span. After the surrender in 1945, only 15.000 survivors remained.  An estimated 90% of the soldiers who fought on the Eastern Front were casualties.
In early May, units of the corps attempted to break out towards the American forces on the Elbe, but were unsuccessful. The corps surrendered to the Red Army on 08-05-1945. Schmalz landed in US captivity and accused of alleged war crimes by an allied war court in Italy, but lucky for him acquitted of these crimes and after five years released in 1950. Schmalz was tried and acquitted of war crimes by a court in Rome on 12-07-1950. This included the Civitella in Val di Chiana massacre on 29-06-1944 where 146 civilians were murdered by soldiers of the Fallschirm-Panzer Division 1 Hermann Goering.

Death and burial ground of Schmalz, Wilhelm.

Wilhelm Schmalz.jpg  Living in Weilmünster, Laimbach, Schmalz died old age 82, on 14-03-1983 and is buried with his wife Luise Henriette, born princes Preussen, who died age 65, on 12-10-1973, on the Stadtfriedhof of Weilmünster.

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