Ruppert, Hans Eberhard.

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Ruppert, Hans Eberhard, born 08-12-1888 in Herischdorf, Silesia, 4 months before  Adolf Hitler (did you know) was a Generalmajor in the Wehrmacht. Reichswehr Commander Fahr Schule Hanover, Driving School as an Oberst from 01-08-1938. Nachschub Führer, Supply Commander 581 from 15-06-1940, Commander.  Außenstelle OKH, Region Mitte from 01-05-1941. He was the commander of the Nachtschubtruppen School, Supply School in Hanover, from 01-01-1942 until 31-03-1945. Generalmajor from 01-06-1942.

Death and burial ground of Ruppert, Hans Eberhard.

Retired Ruppert lived in Hanover, where he at the old age of 84, in 1974. Ruppert is buried with his wife Hanna, born Bleeck, who died old age 87, in 1975, on the Cemetery Melaten in Cologne.


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