Rumohr. Joachim “Jochim”.

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Rumohr. Joachim “Jochim”, born 06-08-1910 in Hamburg , became a member of the NSDAP on 01-04-1930, nr: 216 161, a year later on 31-01-1931 he became a member of the SS, nr: 7 450. Promoted to SS-Sturmführer on 09-11-1933. To SS-Obersturmführer on 09-11-1935. From November 1935 he was posted to the SS-Standarte „ Germania ”, and on 31-07-1937 to the 3rd Battalion (9th – 12th Company) was moved to Radolfzell, where from May 1938 he led the 12th Company. With this unit he participated in the Polish Campaign, and with the SS-Verfügungsdivision he participated in the battle for France. Promoted to SS-Hauptsturmführer on 09-11-1938   From the beginning of January 1941, Rumohr became commander of the II. / SS-Artillery-Regiment “Das Reich”  under command of SS-Obergruppenführer Paul “Papa” Hausser with this unit from April 1941 he participated in the Balkan campaign. Subsequently he took part in operation Barbarossa, and on 01-06-1942 promoted to SS-Sturmbannführer on and on 21-06-1941 he became commander of the SS-Artillerie-Regiment in the 8. SS-Kavallerie-Division “Florian Geyer”. succeeding SS-Brigadeführer Gustav Lombard Lombard survived the war and died age 97, on 18-09-1992, in Mühldorf. The Florian Geyer Division is named after the Frankish knight Florian Geyer (1490-1525) , who was a known follower of Martin Luther and one of the leaders during the German Boer War. Rumohr was promoted to SS-Obersturmbannführer on 09-11-1942.  Because of his efforts during the fighting in the autumn of 1943 and in the defensive actions during Krementschug-Kirowograd and the following winter, he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross on 16-01-1944. On 01-04-1944 promoted to SS-Standartenführer and on 20-04-1944 he took over command of the 8. SS-Kavallerie-Division “Florian Geyer”, which was deployed in the Battle of Budapest from 08-11-1944. He was promoted to SS-Oberführer on 09-11-1944. Beginning February 1945, Rumohr was awarded the Oak Leaves at the Knight’s Cross.

Death and burial ground of Rumohr. Joachim “Jochim”.

On 11-02-1945 he was injured in an outbreak from Budapest and committed suicide, age 44, to prevent prison by the Red Army.

Since 1958, the name of Rumohr has been on the war memorial in Radolfzell, particularly with the fallen “Söhnen der Stadt Radolfzell” and the “Kriegs-„ Opfern “1939–1945. This was criticized recently.

Nothing is known about Rumohr’s private life. The fact that there is a photo with his son could mean that he was married and had children. A source reports that Rumohr was married in Radolfzell

Rumohr. Joachim “Jochim”. is buried at Military cemetery in Budaörs, Budapest, Hungary; Block 1, “among the unknowns”




  • SS-Oberführer: 9 november 1944[2][6]- 11 november 1944[6]
  • SS-Standartenführer: 20 april 1944[2][6]
  • SS-Obersturmbannführer: 9 november 1942 [2]
  • SS-Sturmbannführer: 21 juni 1941[9][2]
  • SS-Hauptsturmführer: 9 november 1938[2]
  • SS-Obersturmführer: 9 november 1935[4]
  • SS-Sturmführer: 9 november 1933[4][2]
  • SS-Mann: 1 februari 1931[3]


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