Rüdt von Collenberg, Kurt Freiherr.

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Rüdt von Collenberg, Kurt Freiherr, born 14-06-1882 in Offenburg, Baden Württemberg. The Rüdt von Collenberg were a later imperial immediate Franconian noble family, which had its seat in Collenberg from the 13th century. It occurs since 1197 under the name de Amorbach. The Stammreihe begins in 1222 with Wipertus de Amorbach, whose sons and grandsons take the nickname “dictus Ruede”. The family is still alive today. About Rüd, Rüde, Rüdde, Rüdin, Ruden, latin: Rud, Rude, Rudde, Rudo, Rudi, Ruden, the name later developed to today’s Rüdt. There are two legends about the origin of names and coats of arms, the statements of which agree that newborn boys of the knight of Collenberg should be drowned as males in the Main, but were saved by the returning father and have had the name Rüd von Collenberg and the male head in the coat of arms since then

Kurt joined the Army Service on 11-07-1901, age 18, as a Fahnenjunker in the 109th Baden Grenadier Regiment. He was the commander of the 4th Reserve Jäger Battalion and wounded in hospital on 15-07-1918 until the end of the 14-18 war. After his recovery, he on  04-01-1919 still  was an adjutant in the General Command of the XIV. Army Corps.  He retired  from the army on 19-09-1919.. In civilian life, he was first managing director of a branch of Forma World Trade GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, before he began studying in 1920. He studied law and national economics in Munich and Frankfurt, before he managed his own estate from 1923. In November 1932 he became executive board member of the Reich Association of German Forest Owners Associations in Berlin. On 30-01-1935, he was inducted as an e-officer * in the Air Force. As a Major he became officer z.b.V. in the Reich Ministry of Aviation and representatives of the ministry in the Bavarian defense industry. From 01-10-1935 he was Wehrwirtschafts-Inspector XIII in Nuremberg, where he was promoted to Oberst on 01-04-1936 and on 01-08-1940 Generalmajor. Already on 01-07-1940, he had been accepted into the active officer corps. On 01-04-1941, he was appointed Armor Inspector A in northwestern France and promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-07-1942. A month later, he retired from military service.

Death and burial ground of Rüdt von Collenberg, Kurt Freiherr.

Living in the family’s Castle in Bödigheim  Kurt Rüdt von Collenberg died on 05-04-1968, old age 85 and is buried on the Dorffriedhof, local cemetery of Bödigheim.


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