Roth, Ernst August.

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Roth, Ernst August, born 09-04-1898 in Potsdam, the son of General Doctor Dr. August Roth. Ernst August joined the Naval Service at the Naval Training School, in Mürwick and as Sea Cadet on board of the School Ship “Freya”, on 03-01-1916, age 17.   He finished a pilot training  on 21-09-1917 and was pilot the II Sea Flying Battalion until the end of the first war. He retired from the Naval on 31-03-1928. He was reactivated in the Naval on 03-01-1934 and transferred to the Luftwaffe  as an adviser and Department Leader. With the outbreak of world War II he, as an Oberst, was the Chief of Staff of the General Staff of the Luftwaffe with the Commander in Chief of the Kriegsmarine to 31-07-1940. Roth, here with Jagdfliegerführer Obstleutnant Günther Scholz at the same time was Air Transport Chief of the 10th Flying Corps until June 1940. Jagdfliegerführer Obstleutnant Günther Scholz survived the war and died am 24-10-2014, age 103. Commodore of the 40th Bomber Wing to 21-12-1940, of the 28th Bomber Wing to 01-12-1941 and of the 26th Bomber Wing to 10-12-1941. Flying Leader of Sicily to 12-01-1942 and again Commodore of the and as Sea Cadet on board of the School Ship “Freya” , on 03-01-1916, age 17, until 10-02-1943, now a Major General. Flying Leader of Lofoten/Kirkenes to 18-04-1944 and Flying Leader 5, in Drontheim to 18-08-1944 and landed in the Führer Reserve. Roth was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 06-11-1943 whilst acting as Fliegerführer in Lofoten. At the same time General with Special Duties with Air Region Command VII and XI to 10-10-1944. Commanding General of the German Luftwaffe in Norway, meanwhile a Lieutenant General from 01-01-1945, whilst it was stationed in the country and involved in anti-shipping strikes against the Arctic convoys sailing to and from Murmansk and Archangeland landed in British captivity on 09-06-1945. The youngest Generalleutnant in WWII with 36, was Theodor Tolsdorff 

  , the youngest General, with 42, Walter Wenck.


Death and burial ground of Roth, Ernst August.

In the Bridgend,Island Farm Special Camp XI, Generalleutnant Otto Kühne made a drawing of Ernst Roth. On 10-10-1947 the High officers were released and went to Hamburg on board of the ship “El Nil” Generalleutnant Otto Kühne living in Gottmadingen-Bietigheim, died at the old age of 98 on 19-03-1987.

Released Ernst Roth lived in Ahrensburg where he at the age of 77 died, on 26-09-1975. He is buried with his wife Bertha, born Pläte, who died old age 88, on 22-02-1989, on the Stadtfriedhof of Ahrensburg.

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