Röhricht, Edgar.

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Röhricht, Edgar, born 16-06-1892 in Liebau, Silesia, the son of the postmaster Gotthold Röhricht and his wife Martha born Schneider, entered the Army on 01-10-1912 as a war volunteer, age 20, with the 2nd Westpreußisches Grenadier-Regiment “König Wilhelm I” Nr. 7 . He was on the front of the first war with the 4th Silesian Infantry Regiment Nr 157 and promoted to Leutnant. Promoted to Oberleutnant he was wounded  several times and awarded with both the Iron Crosses . As one of only a few German military men, he clearly recognized the substance of Adolf Hitler’s rule in the murder of Ernst Julius Röhm, in June 1934 and other disbelievers. Opposition to the Nazi regime continued in 1935. At that time, he was aware of his surveillance by the Gestapo over allegedly suspicious relations with emigres. Röhricht requested the transfer to the troop. He was transferred to Hanover in 1935 for the 19th Division. , under command of General der Kavallerie Konrad von Goßler, In 1936 he was named Oberstleutnant First General Staff Officer at the Wehrkreiskommando IV in Dresden. There he became an employee of Generalmajor Friedrich Olbricht. In Dresden he also got to know Carl Friedrich Goerdeler. Edgar Röhricht thus came into contact with two later leaders in the later assassination attempt of 20 July 1944. Since Goerdeler knew the political attitude of Röhricht, he expressed his demand for an immediate intervention of the Wehrmacht against the Nazis. Röhricht rejected the deployment of the Wehrmacht against the Nazi government, as he assumed the troops would not follow this order. General der Kavallerie Konrad von Goßler died, age 57, on 09-09-1939 in Berlin-Grunewald). Röhricht was allowed in the new Reichswehr with the 7th Prussian Infantry Regiment. In the summer of 1939 as Germany mobilized for the war, he on 26-08-1939 is appointed as Chief of the General Staff with the V Army Corps,  under Generaloberst der Infanterie, Karl Hollidt

  and in October 1939 he landed in the Führer Reserve. On 10-10-1939 he is appointed to Chief of the 4th Battalion with the Higher Quartermaster II in the High Command of the Army, OKW . Chief of the General Staff of the 1st Army Corps in France and responsibly for the French Atlantic Coast and promoted to Generalmajor on 01-02-1942. Mid June 1942 he lands again in the Führer Reserve and at the beginning of October he becomes the commander of the 95th Infantry Division   succeeding commander Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Friedrich Karst.

Karst, Friedrich   Promoted to Generalleutnant der Infanterie on 01-04-1943 and awarded with the German Cross in Gold.  In September 1943 he lost his command and became temporary the Replacement Commander of the XII Army Corps, succeeding General der Infanterie, Kurt von Tippelskirch  and again in the Reserve. In December 1943 Replacement Commander of the XX Army Corps, for General der Artillerie, Rudolf Freiherr von Roman, he died age 76, on 18-02-1970. Röhricht was appointed to the command of the LIX Army Corps on 21-03-1944 in the region of Kamenetz-Podolsk and received the Iron Cross of the Iron Cross on 15-05-1944. He lost his command to Generalleutnant der Infanterie, command of the 22nd Air Landing Infantry DivisionFile:22. (LL.) Infanterie-Division.JPG, The Butcher of Crete”, Friedrich Müller  in June 1944 and on 10-06-1944 again assigned as commander of LIX Army Corps. With the LIX Corps he was in battles in the south of Poland to stop the assaults of the Red Army in 1945. He lost this command on 29-01-1945 and didn’t get another command anymore. In mid-February 1945 Röhricht, together with Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann, winner oif the the Nobel Prize in Literature 1912 , witnessed the air raids on Dresden. Röhricht came on 01-04-1945 on the edge of the Thuringian Forest in British captivity. and lands in Allied captivity in April 1945. Gerhard Hauptman died: 06-06-1946,age 83, in Agnetendorf (now Jagniatków), Germany (now Poland)

Death and burial ground of Röhricht, Edgar.

Released in the spring of 1947, Edgar Röhricht lived in Linz am Rhein, where he at the age of 74 died, on 11-02-1967 and is buried on the Stadtfriedhof of Linz.

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