Pittschellis, Adolf Hans.

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Pittschellis, Adolf Hans, 28-10-1914 in Homberg (Efze), the son of the tailor Ernst Franz Pittschellis (born 25-02-1886 in Groß Klingbeck, Lankreis Heiligenbeil) and his wife Martha Elisabeth, born Schlott, who was married on 15-04-1911 in Homberg (born  12-12-1884 in Homberg). His grandparents were Hofmeister Heinrich Pittschellis and Maria (Marie), born Klotzky (both died when their parents married in Groß Klingbeck) as well as master butcher Kraft Schlott and Marie Mathilde Friederike, born Breithut. He had several uncles and aunts, including Anna Auguste Blümke, born Pittschellis (1893–1956).

  Photo of the Pittschellis family in the 1930s, father Ernst (senior) with wife (center) and sons Ernst and Adolf (left); Ernst Senior was most recently a Volkssturm man and was killed in the final battle for Germany when he died of war wounds on 10-04-1945 in the North School reserve hospital in Hersfeld, southeast of Homberg.

At the beginning of the 20th century, three family members of the Pittschellis family gradually came to Homberg from East Prussia. Ernst, Adolf’s father, made the start. He came to Homberg at the end of the first decade of the 20th century. The Pittschellis themselves founded families here and also had their children in Northern Hesse.

The Pittschellis brothers, Adolf and Ernst, were, like their father, staunch National Socialists. The boys were with the Hitler Youth and joined on 04-11-1932 into the NSDAP (membership number: 1.492.016) and from 18-03-1933 the SS (membership number: 52.819) at the first opportunity. Promoted on 09-11-1938 as SS Obersturmführer and to SS Sturmbannführer on 09-11-1943.

Ernst Junior survived the war and being a prisoner of war, founded a butcher’s shop in Bad Arolsen in 1950 (his son Reinhard Pittschellis took over in 1976, grandson Oliver Pittschellis has been running the family business since 01-01-2000) and preserved the family history (including family records) that his daughter, Charlotte Brinkmann, born Pittschellis, after her joint suicide with her husband Klaus on 22-01-2015, will be a willed teacher, since 2001 teacher at the Federal President-Theodor-Heuss-Schule in Homberg / Efze for the subjects art, history, geography and Politics and economics, historian and author Thomas Schattner (born 1964 in Wabern, in the Schwalm-Eder district, Hesse), who published it as a book in 2016.

Death and burial ground of Pittschellis, Adolf Hans.

Adolf Hans Pittschellis with mosquito net (center)

SS-Hauptsturmführer Pittschellis with his wife and daughter

At the head of his regiment, the 3rd. SS-Panzer-Division, Adolf Pittschellis fell on 26-01-1945 in Vereb in the Stuhlweiß district during the third attempt at relief in favor of the battle for the encircled Budapest. The company with the code name “Konrad 3” (12. to 27-01-1945) started out from the Stuhlweissenburg area. He left behind his wife, whom he had married on 26-05-1939 in Meringhausen, and at least one child. He is buried at the war cemetery in Weißbrunn (Veszprem); final grave site: block 5, row 20, grave 558.

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