Neumann-Silkow, Walter Hugo Reinhard.

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Neumann-Silkow, Walter, born 10-04-1894 in Groß-Silkow-Stolz, Pomerania (now Zelki, Poland), son of Hugo Reinhold Neumann and Margaretha Maria Ziehm, joined the Kaiserliche Armee on 01-02-1912, age 17 as a Fahnenjuncker with the Ostpreußisches Dragoner-Regiment „König Albert von Sachsen“ Nr. 10 .He only adopted the nickname Silkow in the 1920s in honor of his place of birth). Promoted to Leutnant on 18-08-1913. He fought for Germany with the Ostpreußisches Dragoner-Regiment „König Albert von Sachsen“ Nr. 10, and promoted to Oberleutnant on 05-10-1916. Wounded during the war and was awarded wounded badge, the Iron Cross First  and Second Class for bravery. He in 1920 was excepted in the New Reichswehr with the 2nd Prussian Calvary Regiment as a company Officer and from 01-12-1923 promoted to Rittmeister and the nickname Silkow, after his hometown. Assigned as Regiment Adjutant with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Allenstein. From spring 1923 transferred for a few years with the 6th Compagny of the 1st Cavalry Division under General der Kavallerie Walther von Jagow . Von Jagow died age 60 on 27-03-1928 in Potsdam. Transferred to the Staff of the 1st Calvary Division   under General der Kavallerie Kurt Feldt  in Frankfurt an der Oder and promoted to Major on 01-04-1936. Appointed as command of the new 7th Aufklärungs Regiment, Signal Regiment and promoted to Oberst on 01-01-1939. In World War II, he participated in the Invasion of Poland, Battle of France, Invasion of Yugoslavia, and the North African Campaign, where he defended against the British Operations Battleaxe and Crusader. As Oberst and commander of the 8th Schützen-Brigade, under the 8th Panzer Division , he was awarded the Knights Cross for actions during the Battle of France on 22-06-1940 and was mentioned in the Wehrmacht report on that date. He commanded the 8th Panzer Divison from February to May 1941 while the previous commander, General Erich Brandenberger  who died age 62 on 21-06-1955, in Bonn, was recovering from wounds  and was appointed the commander of the 15th Panzer Division  as a Generalmajor in May 1941, where he succeeded General, Maximllian von Herff

which position he held until his death, age 47, on 09-12-1941 in Derna Military Hospital, after being wounded through grenade splinters by an Allied artillery attack three days earlier. His promotion to Generalleutnant was posthumous.

Death and burial ground of Neumann-Silkow, Walter Hugo Reinhard.

   General Neumann/Silkow was captured by British forces in 1945, and held at Grizedale Hall POW camp. Neumann suffered a stroke, age 52, on 06-09-1945 and died at nearby Conishead Priory Military Hospital. He was reburied at Cannock Chase German war cemetery, Staffordshire. Neumann-Silkow is buried on the German Military Cemetry Tobruk, close to flyer ace Hans “Jochen” Marseille.


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