Neuffer, Georg.

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Neuffer, Georg, born 18-04-1895 in Steinbach, Oberpfalz, joined the Army Service, age 19, as a Fahnenjunker in the 3rd Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment. He was in the fields of the first war as a Battery Officer with the 22nd Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment . Neuffer was allowed in the new Reichswehr  and transferred to the Luftwaffe on 01-10-1935 as a Major and commander of the Training Staff of Flak Artillery School. With the outbreak of World War II he, as a Oberst now, was Chief of Staff of Air Defence Command Ruhrgebiet, Ruhr Area, until 30-09-1939. He was successively Chief of Staff of II Flak Corps, to 31-03-1941 as Generalmajor, of Air Region Command IV, to 30-11-1941 and Field Air Region Command Moscow, until 17-04-1942. Appointed as Commander of the 5th Flak Division , Darmstadt, to 11-11-1942. As commander of the 20th Flak Division, in Tunesia, under Generalfeldmarschall der Panzertruppe, Erwin Rommel

   in his Africa Corps  , he as a  Generalleutnant landed in British captivity on 10-05-1943, the end of the Africa Corps. Their were the next losses during the battles in Africa, Free French: 16.000 killed, wounded or captured. British Empire: 53.000 killed, wounded, or captured. United States: 2.715 killed, 8.978 wounded, 6.528 missing. Germany: 12.808 killed, Unknown wounded 101.784 + captured, Total Axis: 950.000 total casualties, 8.000 aircraft destroyed or captured, 6.200 guns destroyed or captured 2.500 tanks destroyed or captured.

Death and burial ground of Neuffer, Georg.

  Released on 07-10-1947, Neuffer retired in Soest and died there at the old age of 82, on 11-05-1977 and is buried with his wife Marie, who died old age 90, in 2001, on the Stadtfriedhof of Soest, close by the grave of Vice Admiral, Kommandeur der Admiral der norwegischen NordküsteErich Schulte Monting 

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