Naegelsbach, Georg.

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Naegelsbach, Georg, born 28-04-1876, at Zweibrucken,   was a Major General in the Wehrmacht. He joined the Army Service as a Fahnenjunker on 23-07-1895, age 18. As a leutnant he came to the 5th Infantry Regiment on 23-07-1895. He was on the battlefields of the first war and left the Army on 01-02-1931, reactivated on 01-10-1933 as an Oberst, age 57. He was in the Staff of the Commander of “Nordkurland” Koruck 583, in the 16th Army File:Logo-armee-16.jpg under command of General Field Marchal Ernst Busch    from 01-02-1940 until 31-03-1943 and promoted to Generalmajor on 01-04-1942. The 16th Army, along with the 18th Army, under General Friedrich Foertsch   was cut off in the Courtland Peninsula File:Ärmelband Kurland.jpg  File:Kurland6pf20apr1945.jpg  when the Soviets with the 22nd  Army File:Mo narznaki78 1.png under General Gennady Petrovitsj Korotkov  launched their summer and autumn offensives of 1944. It stayed trapped there until the end of the war. After the war, 250.000 German troops trapped in the Courtlan pocket were marched into captivity, many were never heard from again.

Death and burial ground of Naegelsbach, Georg.

Naegelsbach retired from the Wehrmacht on 31-01-1943, age 66 and living in Munich he died a two years later at the age of 78, on 17-03-1945 and is buried on the Waldfriedhof of Munich.


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