Mundt, Werner.

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Mundt, Werner, born 16-02-1890, one year after Adolf Hitler (did you know),  in Stettin , joined the Army age 18, as a Fahnenjunker in the 12th Grenadier Regiment. He started a pilot training on 23-12-1915 and served in the first war as an observer . Mundt retired age 30, on 31-03-1920. He entered Goering’s

  (did you know) new Luftwaffe as a Supplement Officer Aspirant and in active service on 01-02-1939, as a Major. With the outbreak of World War II he as an Oberstleutnant was in the staff of Air Fleet 4, under command of Generaloberst Alexander Löhr, until 14-06-1940. Mundt was transferred to the Staff of Air Base Grossenheim to 31-03-1941 and appointed as commander of Airport Area Drontheim, until 22-11-1942, as an Oberst then.Mundt landed in the infamous Führer Reserve OK L, almost two years and at last on 19-07-1944 assigned as Airport Area Commander I/VL and Air Base Commander of Kassel-Rothwesten until April 1945, as a Generalmajor from 30-01-1945. He landed now in allied captivity and released on 06-05-1947.

Death and burial ground of Mundt, Werner.


Mundt retired in Hildesheim, where he at the age of 67, on 16-02-1957 died. He is buried with his wife Alice, born Ahlborn, who died age 67, on 01-12-1957, on the cemetery of Hildesheim, next to the Generalmajor der Infanterie, Commander of Railroad Security Section Staff 5Paul Diesener.



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