Müller, Ferdinand Maria Angelo.

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Müller, Ferdinand Maria Angelo, born 04-06-1892, in Munich, the son of General Otto Ritter von Hübner, was an Oberst and commander of the 31st Artillery Regiment. On 07-05-1945, Generaloberst Alfred Jodl

On 01-10-1911 he joined the Kónigliche. Bayer 7th field Artillery Regiment “Prinz-Regent Luitpold”, Munich. From 01-10-1915 to 15-10-1915 assigned to the Jüterbog artillery observer school.He served in the first war and was a victim of a poison gas attack. After the war he was accepted in the staff of the Reichswehr Rifle Brigade 21 in Munich. After the war he was accepted in the staff of the Reichswehr Rifle Brigade 21 in Munich. Chief of the Wehrmacht managerial staff, signed the certificate for the unconditional surrender of the German Reich, in Reims. About 2.000 kilometers northeast runs the same hours a squad of German soldiers by the night of the beach along Hel peninsula, in the Gulf of Gdansk rises. The soldiers are on Hela dispersed tank grenadiers. Everyone seems to escape them locked-in the back by the Red Army, left the Baltic Sea, the waters of the right shine Ingersoll Spit. Now the Germans threatens Russian captivity. But the soldiers want to escape from the Russians – at any price. Sweden handed over the Forces to the Soviet Army and the Germans protested. Now a Generalleutnant and the spokesman of the internees, Generalleutnant Angelo Müller, wrote a letter to Sweden’s King Gustav V a Nazi sympathizer

 King Gustaf V died in Stockholm, due to flu complications on 29-10-1950, very old age 92. He made the monarch’s attention, the Swedish government is in the process of international law to break: Although most of the soldiers actually fought on the eastern front. Most of them, however, had even before the capitulation of the command, is off to the west. They were also, as Müller, prisoners of the British and not the Soviet army. They surrendered to the Soviets and Müller was released in October 1946. Müller’s son Arnold born 22-09-1925, an officer in the 7th Field Artillery Regiment was missed in action in January 1945, age 19.

Death and burial ground of Müller, Ferdinand Maria Angelo.


Retiring in Munich Müller died at the age of 65, on 29-05-1958 in Munich and is buried with his wife Else, born Hübner, daughter of Generalleutnant Otto Hübner, she died age 87, on 16-05-1984, and his son Arnold who died in battle, age 20, in Januari 1945, on the Waldfriedhof of Munich. On this cemetery are also buried the next persons, Hitler’s Navy adjutant Karl von Puttkamer, Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur Luftregio Truppe 3, Ernst Weber, the bearer of the Nazi blood flag SS Standartenführer, Jacob Grimminger,

the scientist Werner Heissenberg, Generalmajor der Gebirgstruppe, Kommandeur der Jäger Regiment 100, Otto Schury, Goering’s second wife, Emmy Goering-Sonnemann, Generaloberst der Flakartillerie, Commander in Chief of the Air Force, Günther Rüdel and the regiseur of Triompf des Willens in 1934, Leni Riefenstahl.    

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