Moritz, Georg

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Moritz, Georg

Moritz, Georg, born 05-11-1881 in Kösling, on 31-.06-1901 joined  the field artillery regiment “General Feldzeugmeister” (2nd Brandenburger) No. 18, Frankfurt a.d.Or. In 1904 transfer to the Hussars Regiment “Prince Blücher of Wahlstatt” (Pomeranian) No. 5, Stolp / Pomerania (today: Slupsk / Poland) and 1914/18 order officer at the XVII. Army Corps and Chief of the 2nd Squadron of the Hussars Regiment 505.  From October 1919 in the Niederschles. Reichswehr Cavalry Regiment No. 5, Stolp, the Reichswehr Brigade 5, Glogau, the Provisional Reichswehr. From 01-04-1924 in the 15th (Prussian) Reiter-Regiment, Paderborn; Riding instructor at the Kavallerie-Schule Hannover from 01-10-1927 in the staff of the 5th (Prussian) Reiter-Regiments, Stolp 01.02.1931 Commander of the II. Division [training of the riders and horses for the unaffected military units from 01-02-1931at the cavalry school in Hanover Moritz retired from the Army  1933;  He was an employee at a service of the Wehrkreis Hannover and from 01-10-1934 employed in the staff of the inspection of the cavalry in the Reichswehr Ministry  He re-employed as a supplementary officer in the Wehrmacht; at the staff of the Wehrersatz-Inspektion Potsdam. From 24-04-1941 he was commanded to military commander in France From May 18, 1941 Field Commander 182 (FK 182); Installation in Stargard / Pomerania (today: Stargard Szczeciński / Poland) in Military District II; the staff in Pernau / Estonia (today: Pärnu) is subordinated to the Heersgruppe Nord; Use of the staff at the 207th Security Division (Lieutenant General Karl von Tiedemann) in Fellin / Estonia20.07.1943 leader reserve30.01.1944 farewell05.05.1945 in Berlin in Soviet. Captivity; in the NKVD camps No. 173 / Bryansk, 27 / Krasnogorsk, 48 / Černy, Ležnevo, 286 / Tallin, 289 / Jarve (Estonia), 270 / Boroviči; Prison No. 1 / Tallin29.08.1949 routinely sentenced by the Military Tribunal of the Estonian Soviet Republic to 25 years of correctional labor camp28.09.1953 repatriated02.10.1953 at home.

He became a Generalmajor of the Wehrmacht on 01-12-1941. Living in Berlin he died at the age of 69 and is buried with his wife Maria, born Crahmer, who died age 76, on 21-06-1971, in Berlin.

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