Meyer, Fritz.

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Meyer, Fritz, born 23-12-1893 in Hechthausen, was no family of Kommandeur 12 SS LSSAH, “Hitlerjugend”, “Panzermeyer” Kurt Meyer. He entered the Army service on 28-03-1913 as a Fahnenjunker. From 25-10-1914 in the Infanterieregiment 155. From 22-01-1916 in the  Ersatzbataillon des Eisenbahnregiments. He landed on 02-07-1916 in the Baukommando Sylt. He on 14-02-1919 became a Werbeoffizier in the Eisenbahnbataillon/Railway 423. Promoted to Oberleutnant on22-06-1920 as the Führer der Eisenbahnkompanie/Railway Company 317.08.Transferred in 1920 to Pionierbataillon 501.From 01-10-1924 with the Kommandantur des Pionierübungsplatzes Klausdor.  From 10.11.1938 now an Oberstleutnant as Stabsoffizier of the Pioniere in the Staff of the  XII. Armeekorps in Wiesbaden, under command of General der Infanterie Walter Schroth Meyer was promoted to Oberst on 01.10.1939 and to Generalmajor on 01-04-1943. He became Chief of the XII Pioneer Army Corps and successively commander of the 1st Pioneer Army and commander of Pioneer Staff 519. As Chief of the Higher Staff 7 he on 06-04-1943 received the Iron Cross of the Iron Cross  and appointed to commander of  Field Command VS 732, in Pau. He was assigned as commander of the Fortress Pointe de Gavre, Gironde .

Death and burial ground of Meyer, Fritz.

He landed in the infamous Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) from 28-09-1944, not useful anymore and till his Allied captivity on 08-05-1945 he didn’t get a command anymore. Fritz Meyer living in Wiesbaden died there at the age of 60, on 17-02-1954 at his home, from of a myocardial infarction and is buried on the cemetery of Sonnenberg, a suburb of Wiesbaden. Only steps away the graves of the Generals, Generalmajor der Nachrichtentruppe, Kommandeur der 172th Infantry DivisionMartin Baltzer

, General der Infanterie, Kommandeur stellvertreter, substitute of  XII. Armee-KorpsAlbrecht Steppuhn, Generalmajor der Nachrichtentruppe, Kommandeur der 172th  DivisionVictor Lossberg and SS Oberführer , Führer 15th SS-Freiwilligen DivisionArthur Ax . Wiesbaden was a popular place for many WWII Generals.

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