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McConnell, Frank C, born 21-06-1898 in Cicero, Indiana, graduate of Purdue University, in 1920. Commissioned second lieutenant in 1921, he advanced through grades to Brigadier General in 1943. he has served in the Canal Zone, Southwest Pacific, Hawaii, Philippines and European Theatre headquarters.  He was with anti aircraft command of Army Group Force, 1942-45. Deputy commander of Philippine Ground force Command in 1946 Commanding General of the 8th Infantry Division, nickname “Golden Arrow Division” or “Patfinder”  in 1950. On 02-05-1945, as it advanced into northern Germany, the 8th Infantry Division encountered the Neugamme concentration camp Wobbelin subcamp, near the city of Ludwiglust. The SS had established Wöbbelin in early February 1945 to house concentration camp prisoners who had been evacuated from other Nazi camps to prevent their liberation by the Allies. Wöbbelin held some 5.000 inmates, many of whom suffered from starvation and disease. The sanitary conditions at the camp when the 8th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division  arrived were deplorable. There was little food or water, and some prisoners had resorted to cannibalism. In the first week after liberation, more than 200 inmates died. In the aftermath, the United States Army ordered the townspeople in Ludwigslust to visit the camp and bury the dead.  European Theater: Casualties: 13.986. Days of Combat: 266. McConnel was commander of Camp Gordon, Georgia in 1951. Deputy Commanding General of the 25th Infantry Division in Korea in 1952. He has been with the OSA and the Pentagon since 1957. He had two sons, James Frank McConnell and Rodney D McConnell. His wife was Paulena Scott from Frankfort, Indiana,

Death and burial ground of McConnell, Frank C.

Frank McConnel died at the old age of 83 and is buried with his wife Catherine, who died age 87, on 11-05-1995, on Arlington National Cemetery in Section 2, next to General, Edward McNamara


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