Fuss, Hans.

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Fuss, Hans, born 19-09-1920 at Altenhof near Merseritz in Westpreussen. In autumn 1941, Hans Fuss was posted to Jagdgeschwader, Squadron, 3. Leutnant Fuss was assigned to 4./JG 3, under command of Oberst Günther Lützow,   Lützow was reported missing in action flying the Me 262 on 24-04-1945 while attempting to intercept a U.S. Army Air Forces  B-26 Marauder  raid near Donauwörth. His body was never recovered. Hans Fuss gained his initial victories over the Eastern front on 22 June, when he shot down two Russian fighters. By the end of June, he had increased his tally to seven. He recorded his 10th victory on 12 July, when he shot down a Russian DB-3 twin-engine bomber.  On 17 October, Fuss claimed four enemy aircraft shot down to record his 19th through 23rd victories. In early 1942, 4./JG 3   was relocated to the Mediterranean theater. Operating from bases in Italy, Fuss flew missions over Malta without adding to his victory total. In May 1942, Fuss returned to the Eastern front as Adjutant of II./JG 3 then under the command of Major and flyer ace, befehlhaber Jagdgeschwaders III, 180 victories, Kurt Brändle

   , who had 180 victories, RK-EL and was killed in action 03-11-1943. He claimed his 30th victory on 27 May, when he shot down a Russian MiG-1 fighter. On 13 June, Fuss was required to force-land his BF 109 F near Artemovskaya. The cause of the incident is not known but he escaped injury. On 24 June, Fuss claimed his 40th victory, when he shot down a Russian LaGG-3 fighter.  He recorded 17 victories in July. By August, Fuss was serving with 6./JG 3 . On 7 August, Fuss claimed six enemy aircraft shot down, nr’s 61-66. Leutnant Fuss was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 23 August for 70 victories. He was then sent on a period of leave.

Death and burial ground of Fuss, Hans.

On 14-09-1942, Fuss shot down a Russian Yak-1 fighter on his first combat mission after returning from leave. However his Bf 109 G-2, W.Nr. 13 758,   received hits in the fuel tank during the engagement. In attempting to return to his base his aircraft finally ran out of fuel. He attempted a landing near Dedjurewo but crashed receiving serious injuries. Fuss died from complications of having a leg amputated in a hospital in Berlin on 10-11-1942, age 22. Hans Fuss was credited with 71 victories in over 300 missions. All his victories were recorded over the Eastern front and included 15 Il-2 Sturmoviks. Hans Fuss is buried on the Invalidenfriedhof in Berlin, next to the grave of Gestapo leader, Reinard Heydrich.
  The grave of Heydrich was destroyed by the Russians after the war. Only steps away the graves of the Generaloberst der Infanterie, Werner von Fritsch General der Flieger, Chief of the Reichs Air Force Ministry, Carl Gablenz, Vice Admiral, Marine Kommandant, Lothar von Arnauld de la Periere, Hauptmann der Wehrmacht, Wolfgang Fürstner, the Jewish commander of the Olympic village in 1936, the one arm, Generaloberst der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur der 16th Panzerdivision , nickname “Windhund Division”, Hans Hube, Remnants of this division continued to fight in the Harz mountains until 30 April, only surrendering after all of their resources had been exhausted. Also buried here General der Infanterie, Rudolf Schmundt  Hitler’s Adjutant who died from injuries after the bomb attack in the Wolfschanze, on 20th July 1940 , by Oberst der Kavallerie,  Graf Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg.
      and General Wilhelm Staehle.


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