Funck, Hans Emil Richard Freiherr von

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On 15-07-1941 he received the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross in recognition of his actions at Vilnius and Bialystok-Minsk-Wjasna. For his role in operations at the Don and Donets basins, on 14-03-1943 he was awarded the German Cross in Gold and on 01-02-1944 he was promoted to General der Panzertruppe, and appointed as the commanding General of the XXXXVII Panzer Corps, former commander was Lieutenant General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur XXXXVII Panzer Division, Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz, known from the surrender of Bastogne, (see Anthony McAuliffe)
, initially on the Eastern and later the Western fronts. On 04-09-1944 Funck was moved into the Führer Reserve of the OKH  (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know). From August 1945 until 09-10-1955 Funck was a prisoner of war in the USSR.

Death and burial ground of Funck, Hans Emil Richard Freiherr von.

 After his release he lived in Viersen, where he at the old age of 87 died, on 14-02-1979. Funck is buried with his wife Maria, born von Mirbach, who died age 75 in 1984, on the cemetery “Auf der Löh” in Viersen.

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