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Fredendall, Lloyd Ralston, born 28-12-1883 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, was an American General during World War II. Major General Fredendall is best known for his command of the Central Task Force landings during Operation Torch and his command of the US II Corps during the early stages of the Tunisia Campaign. Fredendall’s rise to military command in World War II was facilitated by General George Catlett Marshall. as well as General Leslie McNair, a friend and colleague. In February 1943, while in command of II Corps, his forces were defeated by forces commanded by German Field Marshal, Erwin Rommel and Generaloberst der Panzertruppe, Hans Jürgen von Arnim in the Battle of Kasserine Pass.  Fredendall himself was convinced that neither Eisenhower or Mark Clark wanted him in Africa since he outranked both in pre-war rank. After this setback, Fredendall was relieved from command of II Corps by  Dwight “ike” Eisenhower and replaced by George Smit Patton (Patton’s son) (his driver Horaca Woodring) in March 1943. In spite of his relief, Fredendall was promoted to Lieutenant General in June 1943, assumed command of U.S. Second Army  where he succeeded General Benjamin “Yoohoo” Lear
    and was greeted back home as a hero. Second United States Army was originally formed 15-10-1918 during  World War I. It functioned as a training and administrative headquarters until being deactivated 15-04-1919. It operated 1933 to 1966, training and organizing troops for overseas deployment during  World War II. Second U.S. Army was commanded from 1940 to 1943 by Lieutenant General Ben “Yoohoo” Lear. He was succeeded by Lieutenant General Fredendall after Fredendall’s removal from command in North Africa. General Fredendall held command until war’s end. Fredendall is described as a man of bombast and bravado in speech and manner, who failed to live up to the image he tried to create.

Death and burial ground of Fredendall, Lloyd Ralston.

   Lloyd Fredendall died in San Diego, California on 04-10-1963, age 79. He is interred at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Section 52-A.

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