Frantz, Gotthard.

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Frantz, Gotthard, born 05-05-1888 in Berlin, seven months before Adolf Hitler (did you know), entered the Army, age 18, on 04-03-1907, as a Fahnenjunker in the 54th Field Artillery Regiment. He ended the first war as an Adjutant of Artillery Command 56 and retired on 03-08-1921 from the Army. He reactivated in the growing Reichswehr  on 01-04-1935, as a Supplemental Officer. With the outbreak of World War II he was commander of the 7th Flak Regiment to 30-09-1939 and commander of the Flak Artillery in Air Region VIII to 05-07-1940. Following Commander of Flak Brigade VII and Commander of Air War School 6, until 30-11-1941. Detached to the Staff of the 12th Flak Division, Commander  of the 12th Flak Division , he succeeded Generalleutnant der Flakartillerie, Kommandeur der 26th Flak Division, Rudolf Eibenstein, until 20-12-1942, his successor was Generalmajor der Flakartillerie, Commander of 21th Flak Division in Darmstadt, Ernst Buffa.
   Frantz then was transferred to Africa under General Field Marshal, Erwin Rommel as Commander of the 19th Motorized Flak Division,
       until 13-05-1943. Frantz was captured in Tunis and in US captivity to 01-02-1945, as he was released to Germany for health reasons. He was placed to the disposal of the Flak Division Leipzig and again captured, now by the Soviet Forces and in captivity until 02-11-1949.

Death and burial ground of Frantz, Gotthard.

Living in Bad Homburg, Frantz died at the old age of 84, on 21-01-1973 and is buried on the Waldfriedhof of Bad Homburg, alas his gravestone is recently removed, but close to his grave are the graves of his General comrades, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Militair Kommandant 1016, Fritz Ebeling
     and General der Infanterie, Präsident des Reichkriegsgerichts. Kommandeur 208th Infantrie Division , Hans Karl von Scheele.
On this cemetery are also buried Dr. Günther Quandt, Magda Goebbels first husband and their son Harold (see Joseph Goebbels) and (Magda Goebbels).

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