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Ferebee, Thomas Wilson, born on 07-11-1918 in Mocksville, North Carolina, as the third of eleven children. A knee injury kept him from service in the infantry but he was accepted into flight training. After two years of flight school, Ferebee was assigned as a bombardier in the European theater. In the summer of 1944, he was recruited by Colonel Paul Tibbets, Tibbets died old age 92, on 01-11-2007, to be part of the 509th Composite Group  which was formed to deliver the atomic bomb. Sergeant Georg Robert Caron as the tailgunner, Wyatt Duzenbury the flight engineer, Richard N Nelson

   the radio operator. At 8:15 a.m. Major Ferebee opened the Enola Gay’s bomb bay doors sending the 9.000 pound atomic bomb nicknamed “Little Boy” toward the Aioi Bridge near Hiroshima, Japan. Forty-three seconds later the atomic bomb struck its target killing 80.000 Japanese. Three days later another crew dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki,

Nagasaki Cloud   Japan killing another 140.000. Five days later the Japanese surrendered, ending World War II. The Enola gay pilot Paul Tibbets died at the very old age of 92, on 01-11-2007 and didn’t want a funeral or gravestone. The crew of the Enola Gay returned to their base in the Mariana Island where they were greeted by several Generals and Admirals. Three days later on the morning of August 9, 1945, another B-29 Super Fortress named “Bockscar” out of the 393rd Squadron  under the command of Major Charles Sweeney dropped a second nuclear bomb nicknamed “Fat Man,” on Nagasaki, Japan killing more than 140.000. Sweeney died age 84, on 16-07-2004.

Death and burial ground of Ferebee, Thomas Wilson.

After the war Colonel Ferebee remained in the Air Force assigned to the Strategic Air Command and retired from the military in 1970. He moved to Florida where he sold real estate.  On 16-03-2000, Colonel Thomas Wilson Ferebee passed away at his home at the old age of 81. Colonel Ferebee is resting in the Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Mocksville.


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