Steglich, Martin.

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Wirth, Christian. "Christian the Terrible"

Steglich, Martin, born 16-07-1915 in Breslau, joined Infanterie-Regiment 27 in the Baltic port of Rostock on 01-10-1936 at the age of 21 and was commissioned as a Leutnant on 01-04-1939. As with his friend, later Generalleutnant, Heinz-Georg Lemm

  Steglich’s early career saw him assigned, to the 12th Infantry Division , serving many positions in the 27th Infantry Regiment in Poland, France and Russia (including the encirclement at the Demjansk Pocket.).  During World War II, Heinz Georg Lemm served in the Wehrmacht and was a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. Lemm joined the Bundeswehr in 1957 and commanded the 7th Panzergrenadier-Brigade of the 3rd Panzer-Division in Hamburg until 1963, when he was promoted to Brigadegeneral. In 1970 he was promoted to Generalmajor and commanded the 5th Panzer-Division in Diez. Promoted further in 1974, he was named Chief of the Troop Office of the Bundeswehr, with the rank of Generalleutnant. He was awarded the Great Cross of Merit with Star and the Legion of Merit; he retired in 1979 and died 17-11-1994, aged 75, in Ruppichteroth.

Steglich was promoted to Oberleutnant in October 1941 whilst serving on the Eastern Front, where Infanterie-Regiment 27 formed part of 12. Infanterie-Division under Generalleutnant Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach,    with Heeresgruppe Nord. In December 1942, when the officer in command of the unit adjacent to Steglich was killed, Steglich took command and successfully threw back a Soviet breakthrough.  During this encirclement, Lieutenant Steglich was flown out of the pocket and to Berlin, where he briefed Adolf Hitler (did you know) on the situation and had lunch with the German leader and his entourage!. Hauptmann Martin Steglich attended a training course for Battalion Commanders in Antwerp followed by Staff training and Regimental Commander training. He was promoted to Major on 20-04-1944. In November 1944, Major Steglich became Regimental Commander of Grenadier-Regiment 1221 with the 180th Infantry Division on the Western Front. About that time, he was seriously wounded  by bullets from a strafing Allied aircraft, striking him in the mouth and foot. On the cessation of hostilities Oberstleutnant Steglich was taken prisoner by the U.S. Army but was released in August 1945. Oberstleutnant Steglich returned to the service of his country when the German Army was reformed as the Bundeswehr  of the Federal Republic. He was promoted to the rank of Oberst on 01-08-1962. Steglich is a holder of the Verdienstorden of the Federal Republic  in both Second and First Classes

Death and burial ground of Steglich, Martin.


Martin Steglich joined the Bundeswehr in the mid-1950s; he was promoted to the grade of Oberst (colonel) on 01-08-1962. He owned a furniture store and lived in Ruppichteroth (in a house he nicknamed Haus MaRo) with his wife Rosalind, born Willach, and three daughters, until his death on 20-10-1997, age 82.  Martin had little interest in politics and was truly a gentleman of the old school. Martin Steglich is buried on the Catholic cemetery in Ruppichteroth.



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