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Feller, Gustav, born 16-06-1896 in Stuttgart, joined the Army with the outbreak of World War I, at the age 18, on 08-08-1914, as a Fahnenjunker in the 125th Infantry Regiment. Wounded  in hospital from 20-07-1915 until 09-08-1915, he ended the war as a Ordinance Officer in the 125th Infantry Regiment. Feller was also allowed in the new Reichswehr  and at the beginning of World War II he was adviser in the General Army Office OKH,  to 22-11-1940. He was detached to the Staff of the Panzer Group II, under Generaloberst der Panzertruppe, Heinz Guderian
   (Heinz Wilhelm) (Kurt) to 31-08-1941 and landed in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know), to 03-07-1942. Then detached to the Panzer Troop School and again in the Reserve from 10-04-1943 until 20-06-1943. Was commander of the 1st Panzer Regiment to 15-12-1943 and for the third time in the Reserve, to 10-02-1944. Delegated with the leadership of the 71st Infantry Regiment, until 06-04-1944 and again in the infamous Führer Reserve to 28-06-1944. Ordered to the Normandy Front as Commander of the Panzer Troops III, to 20-11-1944.

Death and burial ground of Feller, Gustav.

During his last command of the Panzer Troops IX, Feller is killed in action, age 48, on 13-04-1945. He is buried on the war cemetery of Breuna , as also General der Infanterie, Befehlshaber der Rheinbrückenköpfe der Heeresgruppe, Joachim Kortfleisch  490 German and 139 foreign dead have found their last resting place in Breuna.


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