Fahrig, Hermann.

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Fahrig, Hermann
Fahrig, Hermann, born 11-07-1890 in Bad Liebenstein, Thüringen , entered the Army on 15-09-1909, 19 years old, in the 1st Königlich-Sächsischen 12. Eisenbahn-Battalion  and promoted on 01-08-1914 as Leutnant and Company-Officer. On 02-08-1914 he came on the front with the 177th Infantry Regiment and was wounded  on 10-01-1915. He succeeded in a pilot training and ends the war as a observer in the Rittmeister rank. Fahrig is allowed in Hermann Goering’s  (did you know) Luftwaffe  and on 01-03-1940 promoted to Oberst . He is assigned to commander of the Air Signals Commander in the Air Region IV, to 27-04-1941. Fahrig then is the commander of Air Region Balkan and commander of Air Region Signals Office IV. From 12-11-194 to 17-05-1943 he is Air Signals Commander in the Air Region XII in Wiesbaden. Fahrig lands in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) of Air Region Signals Regiment 12, on 30-11-1943 and on 01-02-1944 promoted to Generalmajor.

Death and burial ground of Fahrig, Hermann.

He retired, not useful anymore, on 29-02-1944, 53 years old. Fahrig lived in Würzburg, where he at the age 56 died, on 13-02-1947. He is buried with his wife Magarethe, who died in 1972, on the Hauptfriedhof, main cemetery of Würzburg, and close by are the graves of WWII Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur Versorgung Regio VII, Ferdinand Hornung
, Generalmajor der Luftnachrichtentruppe, Kommandant Berlin III, Hans Prockl
 and General der Infanterie, Chef der Wehrmacht-Streifendienstes OKW, Friedrich Siebert

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