Endres, Theodor.

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Endres, Theodor, born 25-09-1876 in Ansbach, Bavaria, was a highly decorated General der Artillerie in the Wehrmacht during World War II. He entered the Army on 15-07-1897, age 19, as a Fähnrich in the 1st Bayerische Fußartillerie-Regiment „vakant Bothmer“ in München. As a Battery Chief in the 2. Bayerischen Fußartillerie-Regiment he is on the Western Front in  Metz, France, in 1914. Endres ends the war in the Staff of the 5. Königlich Bayerische Division. He remained in the new Reichswehr, until his retirement on 30-09-1931, as a Generalleutnant, age 55. At the beginning of World War II he was reactivated to the Wehrmacht, on 26-08-1939 as commander of the 212th Infantry Division  succeeding Generalmajor Walter Friedrichs  .  Friedrichs died age 57 on 04-07-1942. His division first task was the border security, but soon he had to report on the Western Front in France. On 13-07-1940 he was awarded with the Iron Cross and promoted on 01-09-1940 to Generalleutnant. After the defied of the France Forces he remained with his division temporary near the Channel Region but was transferred in 1941 for the invasion of Russia. He was involved in the battle for Leningrad, lost his command to Generalleutnant Helmuth Reymann. Generalleutnant Helmuth Reymann   was a German Army officer and the third to the last German commander of the Berlin Defence Area during the final assault by Soviet forces on the city of Berlin. Reymann died very old age of 96 on 08-12-1988, in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Endres landed in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know), on 01-10-1943. On 01-01-1944 he was promoted to General of the Artillery and he was not useful anymore for Hitler’s war fare retired, age 67. (see Alois Hitler) , (Parents and (Paula) Hitler, Paula (see William Hitler).

Death and burial ground of Endres, Theodor.

   After the war he lived in Traunstein, where he at the age of 79 died, on 19-01-1956. Endres is buried on the Waldfriedhof in Traunstein and on the war cemetery in Traunstein, WWII Generalmajor der Artillerie, Commander of the 198th Infantry Division, Konrad Barde is buried.

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