Drum, Hugh Aloysius.

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Drum, Hugh Aloysius, born on 19-09-1879 in Fort Bradly, Michigan, the son of Margaret (Desmond) Drum (1846-1927) of Boston and Captain John Drum (1840–1898), a career army officer who was killed in Cuba while serving with the 10th Infantry Regiment during the Spanish–American War. In 1894, Drum graduated from Xavier High School in New York City, which he had attended while his father was an instructor at the school. Initially intent upon a career as a Jesuit priest, he enrolled at Boston College. Under the provisions of a recently passed law allowing recognition for sons of officers who displayed exceptional bravery during the Spanish–American War, Drum was offered a direct commission as a second lieutenant on 09-09-1898, which he accepted. (He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College in 1921.).
Hugh joined the United States Army and he was made a second lieutenant in the 12th Infantry Regiment . Drum became assistant Chief of Staff to General John Joseph Pershing, in France during World War I.
            Malin Craig.
Pershing died 15-07-1948, age 87. When Chief of Staff General Georg Malin Craig retired in 1939, Drum was passed over in favor of General George Catlett Marshall. Craig died age 69, on 25-07-1945. With the onset of World War II, he assumed command of the Eastern Defense Command, responsible for domestic defense along the Atlantic seaboard.    He, already age 62, was disappointed with an offer from Secretary of War Henry Lewis Stimson to go to what he perceived to be a low-profile assignment in China. After being passed over for that mission, Drum was relegated to home duty assignments until mandatory retirement in 1943. He was the commander of the New York Guard from 1943 to 1945. From 1944 until his death, he was the president of Empire State Inc. During his career, he was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Service Medal, the Mexican Border Service Medal and the Croix de Guerre. Fort Drum, New York is named for him.

Death and burial ground of Drum, Hugh Aloysius.

   Hugh drum passed away on 03-10-1951, after a heart attack, age 72 and is buried on Arlington Cemetery, in Section 3. Close by in Section 3 the graves of Major General, Commander, G1 (Personnel) Section, Headquarters SHAEF, Charles Bonesteel, 101st Airborne General, Anthony McAuliffe

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