Dietrich, Wilhelm.

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Dietrich, Wilhelm

Dietrich, Wilhelm, born on 24-09-1879, in Schwebda, was a Generalarzt of the Wehrmacht. He joined the Army Service as an Assistenzarzt in 1906. On 01-04-1926 he was the Generaloberarzt and leader of the Medic Squadron Stuttgart in the 5th Medic Battalion until 1932. Dietrich was with the Army Medical Inspection until 20-02-1940 and landed in the Führer Reserve OKH  from 31-05-1940 to 01-06-1940.

Death and burial ground of Dietrich, Wilhelm.

On 01-06-1940 he became the Chief Medical Officer with the Military Commander Belgium and North France. Dietrich was in Allied captivity and died there at the age of 61, on 05-02-1941.

He is buried on the war cemetery of Lommel, with 38.000 graves the largest in West Europe. Close by is the grave of the brother of Adolf Galland  the Flyer Ace Wilhelm Ferdinand Wütz Galland. Also buried there, Kommandeur Fallschirm Jäger Regiment 9, SS Obergruppenführer Friedrich Alpers  Flyer ace Hauptmann, 25 victories in the Spain Civil war, Walter Adolph and Konrad Heinrichs and Vice Admiral, Military Replacement Inspector of Schleswig Holstein, Robert Schall-Emden.

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