Dahlquist, John Ernest.

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Dahlquist, John Ernest
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Dahlquist, John Ernest, born on 12-03-1986, in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  the youngest of four children, of Erick Magnus Dahlquist (1852–1909) and his wife Charlotte, born Swenson Dahlquist (1855–1934), John had one sister and three brothers: Elizabeth Dahlquist (1885–1944), Carl S Dahlquist (1887–1970), Harry A Dahlquist (1889–1963) and Frank E Dahlquist (1892–1897).

Dahlquist’s parents were immigrants from Dalsland, Sweden. John graduated from the University of Minnesota and received a direct commission as a second lieutenant into the Infantry Branch of the United States Army in August 1917, shortly after the American entry into World War I on 06-04-1917. Unable to serve overseas, he served in the Allied occupation of the Rhineland after the war. Later he had a tour of duty in the Philippines and before the shadow of World War II appeared he became a qualified air observer.

With America’s entry into World War II, Dahlquist was assigned as Assistant Chief of Staff of Dwight Eisenhower, European Theater of Operations in 1942 and later that year became Assistant Division Commander of the 76th Infantry Division. In 1943 he became the first commander of the 70th Infantry Division nickname “Trailblazer”  The men of the Trailblazer Division had fought in three campaigns and lost 3,919 men killed and wounded during 83 days of combat. The next year he took command of the 36th Infantry Division, nicknamed  “Arrowhead” .with KIA: 3,131, MIA: 13,191 and died of wounds: 506.

On 24-10-1944, 1st and 2nd Battalion of the 141st Infantry Division moved to secure the right flank of the 3rd Division, near the French town of St. Die. When the German forces counterattacked, 1st Battalion was separated and cutoff. After two days of attempted rescue by 2nd and 3rd  Battalion, 141st Infantry, Dahlquist resorted to send in the 442nd Regiment Combat Team, which had born the brunt of the Division’s fighting for the previous eight days. The 442nd  would suffer 800 casualties, including 121 dead during the five days it took to rescue 211 men of the 1st Battalion, 141st Infantry.Division.

Dahlquist (right), commander of the 70th infantry division, is decorated with the Legion of Merit for his service in the European theater of operations. Making the award at Camp Adair is Major General John Milliken, commander of the Third corps.

Dahlquist, here with the French General de Lattre de Tassigny , receives his greatest criticism for his over-utilization of the Asian American 442nd Regimental Combat Team Arguably, his decisions would result in the 442nd becoming the most highly decorated unit in the history of the United States military.

On 08-05-1945, Hermann Göring surrendered to the 36th Infantry assistant division commander after a ceasefire was declared between the German Corps G and the U.S. 7th  Army.


Dahlquist was promoted to 4 star rank on 18-08-1954. and finished his career as Commander-in-Chief, Continental Army Command retiring in 1956.

Death and burial ground of Dahlquist, John Ernest.

John Dahlquist died on 30-06-1975, at the age of 79 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, in Section 11, next to WWII Brigade General Alan Jones.


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