Dahme, Josef.

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Dahme, Josef, born on 24-06-1894 in Müschede, Arnsberg, the son of Josef Dahme and Maria, born Jungesbluth, entered the Army as a 20 years old war volunteer in the 22nd Bavarian Infantry Regiment “Fürst Wilhelm von Hohenzollern” , on 23-10-1914, World War I was already started and he came on the Western front as a leutnant and transferred  to the 3rd Königliche Bavarian Infantry Regiment “Prinz Karl von Bavaria”  , from 27-04-1916, age 21. He was now transferred to the Reichswehr Luftwaffe, from 15-10-1917, where he started a pilot training in Schleissheim. He ended the war as a Flying Observer  with Battalion 199 B and retired from the Army Service on 21-12-1918. Dahme joined the Police Service in Munich and from 06-12-1920 in Bamberg. He was promoted to Police Oberleutnant on 20-12-1920 and  to Hauptmann on 01-07-1927. He was reactivated as a Hauptmann of the Wehrmacht in the growing Reichswehr , on 01-08-1935, as a Company Chief in the 7th Motor Transport Battalion and from 16-03-1936 promoted to Major and Oberstleutnant from 01-06-1936. He was the commander of the 10th Transport Battalion to 25-08-1939 and with the start of World War II  he was assigned as commander of the Transport Regiment 602. Dahme was promoted to Oberst on 01-02-1941. He was all the war a Supply and Transport General and didn’t see the battlefields from close by. He received the German Cross in Silber  on 22-10-1943. Became Higher Commander of Supply Troops 6 in France from 16-05-1944 until 10-11-1944 and landed in the Führer Reserve OKH (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know), until 08-05-1945, as a Generalmajor from 30-01-1945. He ended the war in captivity and is released from the Island Farm Camp in England in 1947. Josef Dahme lived in Icking, Bavaria after the war, just as colleague WWII Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur der 5th Jäger Division, Friedrich Sixt.
    . The division surrendered to the Red Army at Wittenberge. In 1943, Adolf Hitler declared that all infantry divisions were now Volks Grenadier Divisions except for his elite Jäger and Mountain Jäger divisions.

Death and burial ground of Dahme, Josef.

Josef Dahme, who was married and had three children, not a battlefield General, died at the old age of 83, on 24-11-1978 and with his wife Magarete, born Treubel, who died age 84 on 24-01-1976, they are both buried on the small cemetery of Icking. Around the corner, close by in Irschenhausen, the General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur der Panzergruppe West, Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg) is buried. Hitler believed him, the commander of Panzer Group West, to be a defeatist, and on 02-07-1944 he was replaced by General


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