Czettritz und Neuhaus, Konrad von.

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Czettritz und Neuhaus, Konrad von, born on 30-11-1890 in Berlin, Joseph Goebbels  (did you know) was the Gauleiter of Berlin. Konrad was the son of Georg Freiherr von Czettritz und Neuhaus and his wife born Erdmuthe Gräfin Finck von Finckenstein. Von Czettritz was a Fahnenjunker in the 4th Dragoon Regiment, from 20-03-1913, 22 years old. With the outbreak of World War I, he was Squadron Officer in the same Regiment and wounded  on the Western Front , almost three months in hospital, until 20-10-1914. He ended the war as a Leutnant and leader of the 1st MG Company of the 3rd Foot Guards Regiment and wounded  in hospital again from 22-03-1918 until 05-11-1919. An Oberleutnant from 18-10-1917, Czettritz a real Prussian soldier, was allowed in the new Reichswehr.  At the beginning of World War II he was commander of the 12th Rifle Regiment, as a Rittmeister from 01-10-1925. Major from 01-06-1934, and Oberstleutnant from 01-10-1936.

Death and burial ground of Czettritz und Neuhaus, Konrad von.

image050_1 As commander of the Troops Exercise Grounds, region Altengrabow, he landed in Allied captivity, on 08-05-1945. Von Czettritz was married with Sophie Adele Anna Magdalene, Gräfin von Harrach, born 28-03-1907. Carrier of the Ritterkreuz, Czettritz und Neuhaus, died in the hospital of Osselede in Ostende, Belgium and was buried on the war cemetery of Lommel, Belgium, with 39.000 graves the largest German war cemetery in West Europe. Close near his grave is buried the brother of Goering’s) (did you know)
Luftwaffe General, Adolf Galland
, Wilhelm  flyer ace Major, Wilhelm Ferdinand “Wutz” Galland. Also Kommandeur Fallschirm Jäger Regiment 9, SS Obergruppenführer Friedrich Alpers,
  Flyer ace, 25 victories in the Spain Civil warWalter Adolph and the Generalarzt der Wehrmacht, Dr. Wilhelm Dietrich and General der Infanterie, Kommandeur of the 89th Infanterie Division, Konrad Heinrichs.

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